TCDD Road to the Haydarpaşa Port Project


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The day before the Haydarpaşa Port project decision was signed, he decided to give his own 1 million square meter area to the Privatization Administration at the TCDD board meeting. BTS warns: The task of TCDD is not to provide railway operations, but rent.
Haydarpasa Train Station and the Port Conversion Project for the final editing decisions more without passing through the Republic of Turkey, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council of State Railways (TCDD) has decided to transfer its lands to the Privatization Administration. "This decision of TCDD is the death warrant of Haydarpaşa Station," said Yavuz Demirkol, President of the United Transportation Union (BTS).

Since 2004, he has been opposing civil society organizations 'Haydarpaşa Port' project by saying “it has no public interest, destroys natural and historical values, is against urbanism principles, national and universal protection law”.

After a long discussion and struggle, the decision for Haydarpaşa Port passed on 13 September.
On 12 September, TCDD board Haydarpaşa Station decided to report it to the Privatization Administration for the purpose of “evaluating the income of its own 1 million merrecare immovable property in the Port and Back area in terms of income generating for our country and our organization”. An application was made on September 18th.

“TCDD's job is railway management”

"This decision of TCDD is the death warrant of Haydarpaşa Station," says Yavuz Demirkol, the leader of BTS, one of the components of the Haydarpaşa Solidarity Platform.

“We already knew that TCDD has been working in partnership with the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government and the Municipality since 2004. Taking this decision before the project is over is a move to speed up the process. ”

As you may remember, while discussions about the project continued, a fire broke out in Haydarpaşa Station in December 2010. Starting from February, the main train passenger and freight trains between the Gebze and Köseköy lines were removed.
Demirkol said “TCDD's job is railway management” and said:

“While TCDD should fulfill its function in accordance with Haydarpaşa Gar's historical mission, it is thought-provoking the effort to transform Gar and its surroundings into rent by emphasizing tourism, accommodation and trade emphasis with a commercial approach.

“Train station and public should not be closed”

Demirkol said that the train lines at Haydarpaşa Train Station should be maintained:

“The transformation of the region into a ranthal area with the project will also harm historical and natural texture. Again, the public is misled with the lie that Haydarpaşa Station will no longer be needed. However, leaving the main function of the station, which is the gateway of Istanbul to Anatolia, should never be considered to be closed to trains and the public, with an arrangement that can be made within the scope of the Marmaray Project, train lines should continue their existence and historical continuity.

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