Haydarpaşa Port project details

Haydarpaşa Port Protection Purpose Master Development Plan was passed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council last week.
When the project in accordance with the plan is prepared, 1 million square meters of 'Haydarpaşa Port' from the Harem Bus Station Kadıköy The part up to Moda will become a giant tourism and trade center. Thus, a new silhouette will be created on the Anatolian side of the historical city.
In addition to a new cruise port, religious facilities, accommodation and tourism areas will be built in Haydarpaşa. The historical Haydarpaşa Train Station will be restored and opened for accommodation and tourism purposes. Approximately 941 thousand square meters of the 817 thousand square meter area will be permitted to build. The plan will be announced by suspending within 45 days and will be put into practice after a 1-month objection period, if there is no objection.
When Haydarpaşa Port first came to the agenda, it was planned to build seven skyscrapers. This was abandoned when public reaction was raised. Later, Haydarpaşa Train Station came to the fore as a hotel. Although this is not completely abandoned in the last plan, the ground floor of the station building will continue to be used for transportation purposes. In the Conservation Master Plan approved by the IMM Assembly, the historical station was separated as a 'Cultural Accommodation and Tourism Area'. While it is planned to create museum and exhibition halls on the upper floors of the station, some of them can be built as hotels.
There are very small details between the plan approved by the IMM Assembly about 6 months ago and the last plan. IMM Zoning Directorate officials say that the disagreements between them and the Conservation Board regarding the protected areas have been resolved and the plan has been finalized. While the Conservation Board foresees the control of the Istanbul Archeology Museum in the new areas to be built, drilling excavations will be made at some points. If finds of historical texture are found, archaeological excavations will be carried out just like in Yenikapı and these excavations will be financed by the company that won the tender.
According to the new plan in order to avoid the appearance of the Bosphorus and in a sense suitable for silhouette construction, elevation was designated as the garage. Floor heights will not exceed four. However, the question of how the intense construction around the plan in the plan would not affect the silhouette has still not answered. Especially the shape of religious places to be rebuilt, and the suitability of the accommodation areas to the historical texture will appear after the project to be prepared.
The appeal will be expected
IMM will suspend the 45 / 1 Conservation Master Development Plan approved within 5000 days. The plan, which will remain suspended for about a month, will start after the review by non-governmental organizations and relevant municipalities. If there is an objection within this period, the matter will be brought to the Administrative Court. If the court accepts and rejects the objections, if the Council of State approves the court's decision, the tender will be launched immediately. It is known that the Chamber of Architects and the Chamber of City Planners will object to the plan. Haydarpaşa Port's fate is clear until the New Year kazanwill ache. It is stated that if the objections do not find results, the first digging for the new project may be struck next summer.

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