Haydarpasa Train Station

Ankara station will get the announcement “Coming from Haydarpaşa direction…”! every Sunday between 13: 00-14: 00 we are on duty for Haydarpaşa Railway Station.
“Haydarpaşa is the Gar Station and will remain!” Ankara residents met for the first time on Sunday, September 23, at Ankara Station.
Haydarpaşa Station has a lot of effort in Ankara people, even though we are aware of what we cannot pay for, we wanted to know that we heard the voice of Haydarpaşa… Istanbul calls out to Ankara residents from Haydarpaşa. For Ankara residents, Istanbul is to listen to the announcement “Haydarpaşa direction…” at Ankara Station because it is a little bit…
If the direction of the Anatolian trains was determined not by the name of Istanbul, but by the name of the most beautiful train station of the world, Haydarpaşa, we gathered at Ankara Station for years, since we thought that trying to build that station as a hotel is not for anyone.
We were not crowded, maybe in our first action, but we were determined and determined. We were determined to find Ankara Station in the face of every attempt to refute, corrupt, degenerate and destroy our common memory.
I had the currencies prepared by a printout in a stationer. The worker who helped me in the stationery, Ankara station, will get the announcement "Coming from Haydarpaşa direction ..."! While printing out his foreign currency, he said, “It was beautiful…”, “Let me take it… Of course, once I went to Istanbul by train, Haydarpaşa has never been on my mind, ever since. Now that I know that they will make Haydarpaşa a hotel, will it be a job? It wasn't just a word for it.
On one of the columns at the entrance of Ankara Station, Ankara Station will take back the announcement “Coming from Haydarpaşa…” and Haydarpaşa Station is the Station Will Stay ”. We remembered the names of the trains that were trying to be erased from our common memory insidiously: We kept watch in Ankara for the Haydarpaşa Station with our Ankara Express, Anadolu Express currencies in our hands. One of the employees of Ankara Station came to us while we were on duty; took our photo, with us sohbet supported us. Although the station security officer said a little about the currencies we hung on the column, our action ended without any incident. From now on, we will continue our watch for Haydarpaşa every Sunday at Ankara Station. We said goodbye to each other.
When we heard the call for action, there were people who were concerned about Haydarpaşa in this intense, blurry country's agenda. The heart of this maraudic order, which means the right of transportation of the people and refutes the life of the laborer, beats as Haydarpaşa Port. Even though we said that preventing Haydarpaşa Port is to cut the vein of these flooders, "Think about the country where you will consider Haydarpaşa Station!" sentences like hit our face in response to the call to action in Ankara.
It is as if Haydarpaşa Station is not included in the country.
Regardless of the scarcity of our number, we are on duty at the Ankara Station every Sunday between 13:00 and 14:00.
Haydarpaşa direction means Ankara Station because ...
Haydarpaşa Station is a country because ...
Meeting Place: Ankara Railway Station, Date: 30 September Sunday Time 13: 00-14: 00

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