Gümüşhane tourism center feasibility study ropeway project started to be implemented

The project ild Gümüşhane Tourism Center Feasibility Study (Teleferik) Ajans, supported by the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) of Gümüşhane Municipality, has been implemented.
Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (2012) In the scope of the XNUMX Direct Operating Financial Support Program, the project es Gümüşhane Tourism Center Feasibility Study Yap was started to be implemented.
Mayor Mustafa Live, within the scope of the project in the city center of the alternative ropeway line routes started to be determined, planned routes within the Mezire, Suleymaniye Mahallesi and said that took place.
With the project, the historical, natural and cultural potential of the city, mobilizing alternative tourism models and sustainable tourism infrastructure. The discovery studies started in the Kuşakkaya, Mezire and Süleymaniye neighborhoods. We consider the ropeway project as an important step towards the evaluation of the touristic potential of our city. T
The Mayor added that the project will serve as a locomotive service in Gümüşhane.

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