A century-old dream of Germany: Berlin-Beijing Train

"Turkey's geo-strategic location and real-world" we made a valuable about a great-known for his research sohbet during, he talked about an interesting development.
In 2013, 'Eurasia railways fair' will be held in Istanbul. This fair, effective and intensive participation of German companies and the German government to win new tenders in Turkey, it provides great support.
What does this mean? “Railways are not just rails. It is an international playing field with strategic calculations and brutal gameplay and conspiracies at the background. Germans, would be a major strategic moves that calculates the world bridge in Turkey next year they plan to make trains run between Berlin-Beijing yapıyor.gel the future. "
Buca see our recent history perspective, we witness how they make strategic plans of the railways on the territory of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey of global power projects.
We see how the global forces are struggling hard to control a state, or even to seize it from within, and ruthlessly use state-private sector weapons, particularly intelligence agencies.
In the First World War, the first factor in the plans to destroy and share the Ottoman Empire is oil, the second factor is the reality of the railways to be extended from Europe to the Middle East.
Let's go back to the 1900s.
Abdülhamit, Baghdad and Hejaz decided to do the railroads. via Turkey and Baghdad
The railway route from Mosul to Madinah would provide cheap and convenient transportation, as well as improve the opportunity to benefit from underground and aboveground wealth that would increase commercial movement. On the one hand, Mosul-Baghdad-Medîne was connected to the center with extraordinary means, on the other hand, to the Ottoman Empire; The line to be divided into Iran and Pakistan via Mosul and Syria would give the opportunity to reach Central Asia.
He was thinking of using this project as a political maneuver which would make a great contribution to the economy, defense and future of the Ottoman Empire.
The global power of that period was Britain-France on one side and Germany on the other. And there was a Russian who followed them very closely.
With the fear that the Germans would confiscate the oil fields of Iraq and Kuwait with the railway project, Britain hastily put in motion its insidious plans and started to cause chaos at every opportunity. The line, which the British followed with great concern from beginning to end, was approaching the Hijaz in 1908 and overthrew Abdülhamit by means of unity and progress. Then, with the arrangement of the specially trained British spy Lawrens, they set fire to the Baghdad-Hejaz Railway.
With the First World War, they smashed the Ottoman Empire and drew a map of the Middle East. And…
They have implemented their ethnic and oil-based plans.
Let's look carefully at the external and internal events that are happening today.
Turkey, the Middle East by the British-drawn borders of France shows interest in a regional power.
He tries to take place at the table where new maps are drawn. It wants to reach the oil-gas reserves of the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean.
And… it is getting ready to put into service Marmaray (which will connect Europe and Asia from submarine), one of the biggest projects of the 21st century, soon.
This is why Germany, with its centuries-old dream, shows great interest in the Eurasia Railway Fair to be held in Istanbul in 2013. It planned to operate the "Berlin-Beijing" train.
Why do Germans want to go to China by rail? This is a strategic move by the Germans.
When Marmaray opens, Europe will be seamlessly connected by railways to the capital of China, the new global power, BEIJING.
Turkey's 2023 targets, are effective in making the new account in the planning transcontinental railroads. In particular, the goals of becoming one of the top 2023 economies of the world in 10 and reaching a foreign trade volume of approximately 1.2 trillion dollars have mobilized foreigners.
100 had fought to make their dream come true for the Baghdad-Hejaz railway line years ago, and they had taken the first world war to seize the oil.
Centuries later "Great Turkey" for fear they kurgulamakt new indoor-outdoor events.
Turkey's "quarterback of the Middle East" and Europe will determine the fate of the 'moves' to break the energy, foreign services (countries), they use the ASALA and PKK pawn insidiously. No matter what they do. They will not be able to break our unity and excitement.
Europe-Asia corridor (Marmaray) boss "New Turkey" will be. "Great Turkey" began walking out of here.

Source: News 10

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