Galata walls are crushed under the Golden Horn Metro Bridge

While the sea part of the Haliç Metro Bridge, which has started to rise, breaks the silhouette, the part of the land destroys Yeşildirek Bath, which was built by Mimar Sinan and the historical Genoese walls. Historical walls and baths were crushed under the bridge, experts said that the insistence on the bridge would be disgrace for Istanbul.
ITU Faculty of Architecture academic staff member Prof. Dr. Zeynep Ahunbay stated that the walls should be protected as "first class historical artifacts" among the cultural heritage of the Middle Ages. Speaking to Serkan Ayazoğlu from Taraf, Prof. Dr. Zeynep Ahunbay said, "The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Galata is the Galata Tower and the walls that limit the medieval settlement.
Ahunbay continued:
The unfavorable situation, which is not known by everyone and is not yet fully seen, is in the vicinity of Azapkapı in the area adjacent to the walls forming the Western border of Galata. After the construction of the historical Harup Gate metro bridge with an inscription on the Genoese period, it will no longer be used as a door because it will pass the metro bridge right in front of it. No discreet architect or engineer signs a project that blocks a historic gate with a subway bridge. However, the damage caused by the metro bridge does not stop there. Yeşildirek Bath, which is the work of Mimar Sinan, is also under threat of being crushed under the bridge. The bridge is about to make this historical work with its dimensions meaningless. In order to control the new construction in the surrounding of the historical monuments, a zone called laş protected area in is defined. Medieval and 16. It is unthinkable that this concept has never come to mind in order to preserve the architectural values ​​of the century. The persistence of the bridge will be a disgrace for Istanbul.
Unconsciousness, rent and money ambition
The archaeologist Aksel Tibet, who was working at the Anatolian Institute of French Studies, told that the metro vibrations would cause great damage to the walls and the hammam. In the past, these things were called unconsciousness. Even now it is made of rent and money ambition. There is little left of the walls. Due to the small amount of importance is very large. Genoese walls also have an importance in the history of Istanbul's municipalities. The first modern municipal organization of Istanbul was founded in Beyoğlu under the name of the 'Sixth Circle'. This was the first business of the Sixth Circle to ravage the Galata walls to make way Bu.
One day that bridge will not be there
Aykut Köksal, a faculty member at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, stated that he was being treated with extreme mercy to the historical legacy and added: ı The bridge intervenes very sharply in the silhouette of the Historic Peninsula and ignores the historical structures in its immediate surroundings. For example, one of the last pieces that can reach today from the walls of Galata is being crushed under this bridge, its protection becomes meaningless, and 40-50 for a bridge that will not be there after years. Yes, 50 will not be there after years, because Istanbul will reproduce its citizens and they will approach this city with a greater common sense.

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