Feasibility study of Güllük Harbor Railway Project completed

Izmir University of Economics and Milas Chamber of Commerce and Industry have completed the feasibility of the project "Milas OSB to Güllük Port Railway", which has received grant support within the framework of the South Aegean Development Agency Direct Activity Support Program.
Assistant Professor of Industrial Systems Engineering Department. Assoc. Dr. Mahmut Ali Gökçe, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Erdinç Öner and Asst. Assoc. Dr. Zeynep Sargut gave information about the project with the panel organized by Milas Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Enver Tuna, Chairman of Milas Chamber of Commerce and Industry, pointed out that this project is of great importance in order to create a new investment and market area by opening the horizon of Milas.
Assisting the project, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Gökçe said that a railroad between Organized Industrial Zone and Güllük could cover the cost in 66 months. Stating that they have made a cost option with 16 options for the railway line, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Gökçe said, “It was exported from Güllük Port in 2011 with 514 ships, about 4 million tons of feldspar and about 450 thousand tons from other mines. When 2023 is targeted, an estimated 6 million tons of mines will be exported. The needs of companies to invest in Milas Organized Industrial Zone will be approximately 5 million tons. Today, the transportation cost of 1 ton of cargo from the Organized Industrial Zone is 5.1 TL. According to the statistics and calculations, a railway to be built in this region will cover its cost in 116 months with the worst possibility and 66 months with the best possibility. ”
In the feasibility study, it will be an important advantage to connect the national railway line. Assoc. Dr. Erdinç Öner also stressed the need to revise the Aydın-Çine-Yatağan-Güllük Port connection railway project, including the Milas OIZ connection.

Source : I haber.stargazete.co



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