Fast train projects no surprise on 2023 targets

Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry Undersecretary M. Habib Soluk, who came to Kırıkkale, said that 2003 billion TL investment was made as the ministry from 2011 to the end of 130 and that the 2023 targets could not be missed.
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, M. Habib Soluk answered the questions of journalists. He answered questions about where the journalists' ministry projects have come from in 2012 and the high-speed train project. Stating that the tenders for the high speed train projects were completed and 2015 will be completed, Soluk said that the 2023 targets are worth approximately 350 billion TL, and an investment of 2003 billion TL has been made from 2011 to 31 December 130.
Soluk talked about the questions asked by journalists: “I hope the Istanbul leg will end up with Ankara Istanbul at the end of 2012. Therefore, Istanbul, Eskişehir, Polatlı, Konya will be connected. High speed train works will continue on these two routes. We divided the Ankara Sivas stage into three sections. Ankara-Kırıkkale, Kırıkkale-Yerköy, Yerköy- Sivas. However, our tenders between Yerköy and Sivas were held last year. Here, about 150 km of infrastructure construction was completed. The remaining 108 kilometers of supply tenders were made, in the evaluation phase. There is no problem in Yerköy-Sivas stage. There is no problem between Yerköy and Kırıkkale at the moment. It was tendered and evaluated. We divided the between Kayaş and Kırıkkale into two. Except for a viaduct, another tender was held, the process continues. The work of our friends about Viaduct continues. The viaduct with such a high foot on the almost high-speed train route in Elmadağ will be one or the second in the world, so technical studies continue, and hopefully, the Ankara-Sivas high-speed train will be completed in 2015. If I am not mistaken, the goal expected by the Kırıkkalel is not the Kırıkkale-Ankara high-speed train. They will take some more process ”.
He says it is not any wonder the targets with the Ministry Pale his words continued: "In fact, we are under instruction by the Minister Babacan as transport minister, expert in our various universities 43 one professor we tried to transport a main saddled strategy through integration regarding transportation sector in Turkey. Thereupon we state in 2009 in which Turkey this day, a year or two ahead of us because any planned transportation infrastructure, was not studied plans and projects related to integration between transport modes. We make it after Turkey's 2023 vision of infrastructure, what should be the goal, what should be and what should be 2035 and after 2050, we planned them. We even brought 500 of each sector to the fore among 100 projects. One of the projects we have taken into this foreground is the Ankara-Kırıkkale highway. It was a highway to Ankara-Kırıkkale Delice. We will complete the Samsun leg of this highway and will bid as Ankara-Kırıkkale Delice-Samsun as a whole. These are Turkey's 2023 targets. Our 2023 targets are approximately 350 billion TL. These 350 billion TL targets do not have a failing leg right now. Our plans and projects continue normally. There is no hitch in the goals we planned in 2012. We will meet the 2012 targets on this day as we have achieved in the past as the Ministry of Transportation. Transportation from 2003 until 2011 December 31, Turkey have made an investment of $ 130 billion. Approximately 16-17 billion TL of this is build-operate-transfer, and the other is the resources we use from the central budget. The mountains, which did not pass once in transportation, and the valleys that were not crossed, were not only roads, but also by the instructions of our prime minister, the bottom of the sea became roads with both steel rails and tire tunnels. There is no wonder in our goal ”.

Source: Star Agenda

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