Emotional trains

I hear your voice at certain times of the day… Who brings, I don't know. Or who is taking it. From a distance ... Deeply ... But the sound of these trains like a "heart" shout. Far, deep… But it always tells me fresh arrivals and fresh departures.
Trains explain the sadness of departures;
And he yells at the cries of the reunions…
Trains wagon carries emotion; Not human! .. Trains are always on the same rails, like a zipper; opening and closing the same wound ...
I hear his voice from the back of the time:, The train is passing, do you hear? ..) We are listening together. Then, quietly speaking, the breathing of the speech, silence without knowing why: derin Train; coming! ...
Trains are going, passing or coming ... But I think I want the trains to be “coming” secretly… I'm jealous! As well as a scorpion; I love the "death".
I like to grasp and want to grasp the grip! .. I kept clinging I want to stay stuck like a kissing smelling! ..
I am passionate about trains. Yo, the trains are fond of me ... Also for you.
Trains have been traveling since the train has been on the tracks between my heart and heart!
Trains are so condemned to freedom;
To us!..
Are trains like centipedes? Those centipedes who run "forty-foot" to tomorrow… But the centipedes don't have arms; to wrap like octopus! If you don't get off the trains without arms… And your arms if you don't get around my body! ..
Shut up ...
I'm scratching! I'm climbing towards you…
I'm full of a glass, and as you mix, you're getting up and down, and you're messing up.
Taste, come up to my straw!
Shut up ...
Like you've been silent for a thousand years!
What you talk to;
Nor do I tell you how much I miss you!

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