Dr. Karayiğit, Polatlı Technical Sciences Vocational School aims to open a school of rail systems

Hacettepe University (HU) Bala Vocational High School is moving to Polatlı district of Ankara.
Prof. Hacettepe University, Director of Polatlı Technical Sciences Vocational School. Dr. Ali İhsan Karayiğit stated that Bala Vocational School will continue its activities in Polatlı as of the 2012-2013 academic year due to technical difficulties with the decision of the university board of directors. Karayiğit said that Bala Vocational School has some problems and these problems are not solved.
According to the decision of Hacettepe University Board of Directors, Professor stated that he decided to continue education and training in Bala in Polatlı. Dr. Ali İhsan Karayiğit said, “As of next week, education in Bala will continue in Polatlı. So at some point it will be completely moved to Polatlı. We have 3 programs, furniture decoration, electronic technology and computer programming. We have about 3 hundred students. Our new students will now continue their education and training at Polatlı Vocational School. ” said.
Stating that all 3 programs moved to Polatlı are popular programs with jobs in the market. Dr. Karayiğit noted that as Polatlı Technical Sciences Vocational High School, they made efforts to open the rail systems school. Karayiğit stated that their applications have passed through the approval of the Rectorate and Senate and submitted to the approval of Yök and that they want to open the rail systems technology, rail systems electronic technology, road technology departments in the future.
Karayiğit, Rector of Hacettepe University. A.Murat Tuncer and Mayor of Polatlı stated that Yakup Çelik made efforts to establish Polatlı rail systems center, this is a great opportunity for the district and that these efforts should be supported.

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