Native Tram Silkworm launches

The domestic tram silkworm is on display at InnoTrans, the International Railway Technologies Systems and Vehicles Fair, which will be held in Berlin, Germany between 18-21 September 2012.
Visitors who want to see the silkworm, which has become the symbol of Bursa's technology and design power and to have information about its production stages Durmazlar Inc. booths.
Advisor to the Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, who provided information about silkworm and Durmazlar Project Director Taha Aydın said that they started their work 2,5 years ago. He said that they named the vehicle as 'Silkworm' because it is located on the Silk Road of Bursa.
The vehicle is manufactured in Bursa, Turkey that transfers but all designed to appeal to Aydin said: "According to him, has been designed taking into consideration international standards targets. The chassis has been approved by international tests. By executing the body, that is, the vehicle's complex, we will receive the international certification after the function tests. It is 100 percent Turkish engineering design. We are at the beginning of the job and we produce 30 percent cheaper than our competitors. We offer the quality cheaper. The future of this vehicle will be bright. ”

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 13:54

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