TÜVASAŞ statement from Koray, the deputy chairman of the Turkish transportation union

Cihat Koray, Vice President of Turkish Transport Union, has announced two developments in TÜVASAŞ Factory with press release.
In September, two important developments were closely related to TÜVASAŞ.
First; The new railway law, which is said to be legalized in October, will be the subsidiary of TÜVASAŞ after the last change.
A meeting regarding the draft law was held on 11.09.2012 at the meeting with our Union and TCDD General Manager, General Manager Sülayman KARAMAN. We have informed that it would be more appropriate to establish TÜRKTREN AŞ, which is planned to be newly established, as a subsidiary of TCDD as its stadium and our opinions on other provisions included in the draft law.
As is known, TÜVASAŞ, which was first prepared in 2008 and in the year 2011 and revised, was separated from TCDD and turned into Economic State Enterprise.
This transformation was the beginning of a process for TÜVASAŞ.
Turkish Transport Union, especially as the Sakarya branch was against this transformation.
Other affiliated partnerships in Sivas and Eskişehir branches
Our efforts and our stance have been effective in preventing this transformation.
As a result, TÜVASAŞ remained as a Subsidiary of TCDD according to the latest draft law.
This development is a good news for TÜVASAŞ and SAKARYA.
The second positive development; Acceptance of our qualification certificate for the last week to participate in the tender for the repair and repair of the passenger car of Bulgaria. This means that more repairs than 100 will be opened in the coming days. This will contribute to the increase of our business potential and to make TÜVASAŞ an international brand in the passenger car sector.
I congratulate all TÜVASAŞ employees, especially General Manager İbrahim ERTİRYAKİ, who have made efforts to make TÜVAŞAŞ an international brand and have contributed to this, on behalf of myself and my union, I wish you success in their work.

Source : I medyabar.co

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