The record in iron nets is still in Atatürk's era

While an average of 1923 km of railway was built between 1950-134, an average of 250 km of railway was constructed every year during the Atatürk period.
When it comes to TCDD, the 10. In the Anthem of the Year comes the word 'four sides of the duck with iron nets'. The most recent remarks reminded Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan (speaking at the opening ceremony of the Metro), "the duck with iron nets" or something. What did you think? You're nothing but knitted. Hiçbir According to the information given by the General Manager Süleyman Karaman, TCDD has made significant progress since the 2003 but the record still belongs to the first 10 year of the Republic with scarce opportunities. 1923 and 1950 km 3764 railroad was laid between the 250, km Of course, the important part of Atatürk was built during the period. XNUMX the average of that period. O
Star of Innotrans
Turkey joined the crowd this year InnoTrans exhibition in Berlin. In addition to TCDD and its subsidiaries, private sector companies also exhibited at the fair. The tram produced by Yılmazlar was exhibited at the fair. TCDD General Manager Karaman, reminded that the fair was held every two years, yılda No one would see us in the past. Now, the most magnificent stands of the Turks. The Italians, the Germans, the Spaniards are lining up to meet with us. İtalyan Indeed, during the fair, Karaman held meetings with delegations from different countries.
Atatürk is woven with iron nets
Karaman, TCDD's investments in the last 10 years, and plans to make plans to do, the Republican period investments and gave information about the next period. 1923 1950 3764 134 of road indicating that the road is done here, drawing attention to the annual average 250 km, X But most of the first years were made. During the period of Atatürk 1950 km. A little neglected from 2003 to 945. Only XNUMX km made. The situation of the roads was bad when we took over. Dev
The industry must be open to competition
TCDD 1973 2003 10 and XNUMX loss between the damage that draws attention to the ongoing loss, Karaman, said the way to make a profit is the liberalization of railways, he said. Karaman said, rek Our main goal is to open railways to competition. We're not privatizing, releasing. Just like the airways. We will be a regulating board such as civil aviation, but also will continue to exist in the system like Turkish Train, Turkish Airlines. The private sector can also operate passenger or cargo trains. Özel
Although Karaman talks a little with praise, TCDD employees are more organized than other institutions. Because liberalization will affect employment most. Karaman, the new law workers and civil society organizations also discussed the said.
We produce our own signaling
Karaman listed the breakthroughs that were not seen much more than the new way:
We will produce our own signal system with TÜBİTAK and İTÜ.
Currently 2912 km outline work in progress. 2023 will be built up to a thousand km of conventional lines until 4.
The railroad should be a clean travel method but it wasn't because our trains were diesel. That's why we are carrying out the transformation process to the electrical system.
We want to be a railway bridge that transports Asia's cargo to Europe with new lines.
2023 10 is targeting a thousand km high-speed train. Antalya high speed train is also on our agenda.
We are also expanding our fleet of towing and towing vehicles. We produced the Anatolian train.
7 in the world in the production of rail. We rank. Now in Turkey 72-meter rails it is produced.
Turkey, will also produce longer train wheel.
The project company established by TCDD is interested in railway projects in Gulf countries.

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