Today in History: On September 1, 1904, the Hejaz railway 460th km. found Maan ...

September 1, 1851 The construction of the Alexandria-Cairo line, the first railway construction in the Ottoman Empire, started. Egyptian railways reached 1869 km in 1300 and 1905 km in 4.400. In the Crimean War of 1853-56, the Ottoman-British-French alliance made the Ottoman country suitable for European capital.
1 September 1900 Hejaz Railway construction started with an official ceremony held in Damascus. The line was the first completed section of the Hejaz Railway.
1 September 1902 Der'a-Zerka (79 km) line was completed.
1 September 1903 opened its line to Damascus.
1 September 1904 at the Hejaz railway 460. km. reached Maan. The official opening ceremony was held on this occasion.
1 September 1906 Maan-Tebük (233 km) Line is opened.

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