CHP, Ankara commissioned the commission to identify problems in the metro

CHP Army Deputy İdris Yıldız asked for a research commission to be established in the Parliament in order to determine the current problems of Ankara Metro construction and to determine the measures to be taken.
In the research proposal submitted to the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly by CHP Yıldız and his friends,
It was stated that 37-year-old Kadir Sevim died as a result of the collapse of the pavement under which the subway works were carried out while walking on the sidewalk in İnönü Boulevard, one of the busiest places of the capital.
This situation has caused serious question marks about the reliability of Ankara subway constructions in Ankara.
“The failure of the subway line works to be completed has caused the subway stations, tunnels and level roads under construction to become unusable before they are put into service. In addition, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, which took over the construction of the subway, almost took care of the Metropolitan Municipality by not controlling the subway construction and taking preventive measures. It is obvious that it is not known where the budget that should be allocated to the metro is completely spent, and it is obvious that continuing such issues on the basis of the logic of staying away from the maker will damage the trust of our citizens in state institutions and municipalities.

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