Discussing the arrangement of Bursaray walls

Bursaray is very important for urban transportation. But since the first day of the project, it is being discussed structurally.
Prior to…
It was discussed because it divided the city in half. Then Bursaray took criticism as concrete blocks that will not pass the walls.
On the east line, we discussed the coating of Bursaray walls with artificial turf carpets. In fact, beyond the controversy, the administration of the Metropolitan Municipality was criticized in a hard language.
At this point…
In other words, Ali Küçüksarı, the CHP provincial deputy head of the period, was among the ones who criticized the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa for the reaction of the Bursaray walls to the artificial grass carpet.
Küçüksarı's call for artificial turf plating was interrupted.
Nowadays ...
On the same line, the walls are now greened by a method called vertical planting.
So what…
As the cost of this process is greater than that of artificial turf, a tougher questioning began. He is doing the interrogation, as before, as well as Ali Kucuksu.
First of all he points out:
Un Every penny spent in systems such as Bursaray should be given to the citizens. While hundreds of questions await answers, such as the cost of Bursaray, route selection, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has launched a new application that will bring in questions that it cannot answer. Burs
It reminds me:
Tı In the direction of Bursaray, the walls were tried to be covered with artificial turf from west of the Arabayatağı Station. This reaction was abandoned when our reaction was supported by the public. Nowadays, a new and incomprehensible study has been launched on the walls of Bursaray. Şimd
He emphasizes:
Olm It is clear that the application of high-walled application called vertical planting in high wall areas, as well as the dark green color of the high walls, which is a strange study advancing westward of Arabayatağı Station, will not have any contribution to the system. “
Then he makes the following call:
Or AKP's Bursaray also has makeup. This should explain to the municipality the cost and necessity of the application.

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