Thanks to the cable car in Bursa, Uludağ has dropped to 3 hours!

📩 24/11/2018 09:46

Istanbul to Uludag will be reached in 3 hours. At the same time, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which is mobilized for rail, cable car, water bus and airline investments, is preparing to make Uludağ a bigger attraction.

World's longest cable car

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe, World newspaper editor-in-chief Osman S. Arolat's questions answered. Reminding that 600 is a foreign company in the city of Bursa, President Altepe recalled that they had recently moved to Bursa to establish a joint airline with 22 Arab country. Not only in airlines, but also in all transportation projects. As you know, we set up BUDO. We're getting 60 sea pedestrians. A drone from Istanbul, 6, departed hours before. Now, thanks to the sea bus, we dropped it to an hour of 45 minutes.

We also continue our investments in rail systems. We also acted for the production of domestic wagons. Durmazlar We produced the first local wagon Silkworm under the leadership of the Metropolitan Municipality with the machine ”. After the renewal of the whole line on the cable car, 8 will serve with 175 gondola type cabins with a capacity of 800, and they will increase their hourly passenger capacity to one thousand XNUMX people.

“We are building the world's longest cable car with a total of 8.84 kilometers. In this way, the hotels region of Uludağ can be reached in 22 minutes. However, when we think integratedly, an Istanbul citizen will be in Uludağ in 3 hours when these projects are finished. Kabataşwill come to Mudanya with BUDO. Then it will transfer to the cable car and reach the hotels area in 22 minutes. Tourism agencies can act here. In addition, belief tours can be organized from Istanbul to Bursa, from Bursa to Istanbul, visiting the historical peninsula and historical mosques. Bursa has 4 thousand thermal springs. Reminding that they made the old stadium square, Mayor Altepe reminded that the new stadium is right next to the subway and said, "We are realizing 100 sports facilities in Bursa."

Source: World

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