The deadlock in the Logistics Village project to be established in Bozüyük has been resolved

The impasse in the Logistics Village project to be established in Bozüyük was solved.
The project, which was included in the investment program in 2010 and will make Bozüyük Organized Industrial Zone a center of attraction, has not gone beyond the tender phase for 2 years. The objection to the tender held in May was concluded and the investment was opened. The tender of the project was made on May 28, 2012 and the Assignia - Elit Proje joint venture won the tender. With the conclusion of the tender, the joint venture of Emre Ray - Yazıcıoğlu İnşaat filed an objection to the Public Procurement Authority (PPA) for the cancellation of the tender. The Public Procurement Authority evaluated the objection after about 4 months and made a decision. While the appeal was rejected, the winner of the tender Assignia - Elit Proje joint venture was invited to sign a contract. Assignia - Elit Proje joint venture won the tender with a bid of 45 million 23 thousand TL in the tender, whose approximate cost was determined as 298 million TL. It was noted that with the conclusion of the objection, the work will start with the signing of the contract in the coming days.
Also under the project needed 387 thousand square meters area of ​​the Republic of Turkey for real estate State Railways General Directorate on the by the expropriation of the land quickly persisted learned, to begin immediately the construction of the Logistics Center and was expressed to be completed in about 1,5 in years. Bozüyük Logistics Village project will include container loading, unloading and stock areas, customs areas, customer offices, parking lot, truck park, train constitution and transportation routes, banks, restaurants, hotels, maintenance and repair facilities, fuel stations and warehouses.

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