Ask the Man 10. Year Anthem

We have come to these days as a generation that has raised our teachers and elders in our eyes, does not fail in respect and love and adopts them as idols. We have glorified them so much that we have seen them as inaccessible, most of the time, “They do not eat, their tops are not polluted, they know everything. They don't sleep, they don't go to the toilet, they don't have the weaknesses. They do not lie, they do not have deception, deceit. Ma We were divorcing our eyes. Our teachers would be worlds with our heads. They wouldn't make a mistake. The mistake belonged only to us.
Although I have never endorsed him, he also elevated consciousness under Erdogan because he was the head of the State, and I was convinced that he was very knowledgeable, very clean, very good, very honest.
The date isn't easy. There are so many realities and sanctions that have been accepted, admired and admired by the world, and the denial of them is a document of ignorance beyond the humor.
the Prime Minister Kadıköy- I was very surprised that the opening of the Kartal Metro disappointed us and made statements denying the facts. It was, after all, a elected State elite. Suddenly, I wouldn't want it to fall out of my eyes. Tangır, clinking fell .. Flour is small ..
First of all, let me remind you right away that Atatürk created a nation out of nothing, gave us confidence, honor and faith, and showed us what we can do in these neglected arid lands, made us believe and regain our self-confidence. kazanhad gone. To deny these, to look for a calf under a calf to discredit him, only belittles those who say it.
Ottoman Empire, 1923 up to 4559km. railway
10 also under the power of the annual AKP, 1085 km. ray and 888 km. high speed train lines. Of course, the technical possibilities of that day and today cannot be compared.
Let's not forget that these were made by a tired and exhausted nation, who had just emerged from the war, and also had the debts of the Ottoman.
Atatürk's health during the book does not fit. But we are content with line heads. I think you'il understand.
Gölcük Shipyard, Anadolu Sigorta and Banks were established in 1924. Karacabey Harari started working.
1925. Eskişehir CER Workshop, Railway material production workshops, Mensucat Factories were put into service.
1926. Türk Telsiz telephone company, Eskişehir Aircraft Maintenance business, Alpulu and Uşak sugar factories, the first rolling mill producing rebar and Kayseri Aircraft and Motor factories, Agricultural Sales Cooperatives, Bakirkoy Cement Plant elsiz
1927. Bunyan Weaving factory, Ankara- Kayseri - Samsun EHavza demirAmasya railways, Real Estate and Eytam Bank, Bursa Weaving factory, Eskisehir
Bank was founded.
1928. Anadolu Railway and Haydarpaşa - Eskişehir - Konya and Yenice - Mersin Railways were purchased from foreigners. Amasya-Zile, Kütahya-Tavşanlı railways opened. Ankara Cement factory, Turkish Mensucat factory, Malatya Power Plant, Gaziantep Mensucat factory was established.
1929. Mersin-Adana, Anatolia-Baghdad, Mersin-Tarsus railways, Haydarpasa Port was purchased from foreigners.
Kütahya- Orders, Fevzipaşa- Gölbaşı railways opened. Ayancık timber factory, Trabzon - Vize hydroelectric power plant Fatih- Edirnekapı tram line, Paşabahçe raki and spirits factory were put into service.
1930. Ankara-Sivas, Ankara-Sarkisla railway opened for transportation. Bursa-Mudanya railway was purchased from foreigners. Mecidiyekoy liqueur and cognac factory started production.
1931. Golbasi-Malatya, Samsun-Sivas railways were opened. National and Central Banks were established. Diyarbakır rakı factory started production. Izmir Quay Management was purchased from foreigners.
1932. Kütahya- Balıkesir, Ulukışla-Niğde railway, Eskişehir sugar factory and Sümerbank were active.
1933. Regular flights between Istanbul and Ankara started.
Halk Bank, Iller Bank Kayseri National Economy Bank and Airlines State Enterprise was established. Samsun-Çarşamba, Bandırma- Menemen - Manisa railway was purchased from foreigners.
Adana- Fevzipaşa, Ulukışla- Kayseri railway opened. Keçiborlu sulfur factory started production.
1934. Turhal sugar, Isparta Gülyağı, Bakırköy cloth, Bursa milk powder factory started production. Basmane- İzmir - Afyon railway was purchased from foreigners. The railway reached Elaziz.
1935. The Istanbul Quay and Aydın Railways were purchased from foreigners. MT. ETİBANK, Inc. was founded in Turkey Sugar factories. Troleybüs line in Ankara, Fevzipaşa- Ergani, Diyarbakır, Afyon - Isparta railways were opened. Paşabahçe Şişe cam, Zonguldak Turkish Anthracite, Sümerbank - Kayseri weaving, Mamak Gas Mask factory was put into service.
1936. Edirne-Sirkeci Orient railways, Istanbul Telephone and Izmir gas companies were purchased from foreigners.
Malatya yarn and cloth, Izmit paper and cardboard fbr. It went into service. Elaziz Eastern chrome enterprises were established.
1937. Konya Ereglisi weaving, Ankara beer, Nazilli printing plant, Yozgat thermoelectric power plant and Denizbank were put into service.
Istanbul, Thrace railways, Toprakkale-Iskenderun railway and Kozlu coal enterprises were purchased from foreigners. Diyarbakir-Cizre railway opened.
1938. Gemlik artificial silk, Bursa Merinos, Eskişehir spirits, Ergani copper, Karabük iron and steel enterprises were put into service.
Istanbul Electric, Istanbul Tram, Izmir telephone, Murgul copper companies were purchased from foreigners. Divriği Iron Mines began production. State Airlines, the Turkish Grain Board, and Fiskobirlik were established. Sivas-Erzincan railway, also thousands of schools, hospitals, barracks, and tens of thousands of miles. way was done. Anatolia is equipped with cables that carry electricity from one end to the other and pipes that lead water.
While all this was done, the debts from the Ottoman countries were paid.
And I draw your attention: many organizations were purchased from foreigners. Not sold ..
Despising all of this, I asked the person who asked ins What did you take? Kiş I wish he was a little more knowledgeable and interested in history. Veyahutta, I say, I would accept that he didn't know and admit that he was not stupid by putting a fool out against him. Saying, koy Do you realize who you dance with?, They ask.

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