Cable Car Tender Postponed in Alanya

In order to improve the transportation network of Alanya Castle, the tender of 'Cable Car and Moving Belt Project' prepared by the municipality was postponed.

The tender for the project, which was approved by the Antalya Regional Board for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets and announced in the Official Gazette in July, was held. However, the tender, attended by the Italian firm Leitner Ropeways, was postponed due to the offer given under the annual 60 thousand pounds rent.

Alanya Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu stated that the tender was postponed by Alanya Municipality Council to 27 September or 4 October.

Stating that the tender for the "Cable Car and Moving Belt Project" will cost approximately 18 million liras, Sipahioğlu said, "We won the tender. kazanThe company will transfer it to the municipality after operating for 60 years in return for an annual rental fee of 20 thousand liras. We aim that the project, which will provide transportation between Damlataş location and the Ehmedek gate of Alanya Castle, will be operational in the summer season of 2013”.

Sipahioğlu said that they postponed the tender because of some articles that should be submitted to the tender and the offer to be made under the number specified in the tender specifications of the firm.

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