AK Party Aydin Sengul: Politician will be his word

AK Party İzmir Deputy Aydın Şengül said in his television program, “State Railways for Ege Ray did not spend a single penny. "If you can prove it, I will resign." CHP said to İzmir Deputy Alaattin Yüksel, "It is obvious that the State Railways for Egeray do. The politician will hear his mouth. Anyway, politics will not have a forgotten logic tomorrow, it will become a promise. If he spoke a word, he will do whatever it takes, ”he said.
Şengül stated that IZBAN is neither the government nor the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, IZBAN is the work of the people of Izmir and said, “We do not want to go into the fight 'we did it, you did it'. However, the CHP has recently made the habit of saying "we are being treated as stepchildren, the government does not support investments here". In İZBAN, we have expropriations that are made outside of certain investments. Wouldn't it normally be spent on expropriation for the construction of this line? Isn't there a value put forward by this government? State Railways invested around 322 million in Izmir. Our government made an investment of 9 billion dollars in 8 years in İzmir. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has been handled from a budget of about 9 billion in 40 years, how many projects have it realized? ” said.
Şengül also reported that Yüksel was misinformed about the TOKİ residences built in Uzundere, and that the metropolitan city bought an average of 15-41 thousand lira for 764 years with an average of 60-70 thousand lira, and sold the expropriation price free of charge. He explained. Şengül said, “The people from Izmir do not want the fight“ you did it, I did it ”. Let the CHP mentality stop running away from its responsibilities by costing their own incompetence to the government. Everything is obvious. Everyone knows exactly who does what. Our people are also aware of this and will give the necessary answer in the ballot box in the next election.
Regarding the resignation of Şengül Allaattin Yüksel, he said: “Every politician has cost the nation at some point and has a significant responsibility. Every politician will hear his mouth and be aware of what he is saying. Even if he made a statement, he will not have the logic of 'this is politics anyway, tomorrow is forgotten'. There is a very mean saying: 'You are a prisoner until a word comes out of your mouth. You will be his prisoner after you leave. ' If something is said in our lugat, there is no matter what it costs. I leave the position of Mr. Yüksel at the discretion of the public in the position of resignation.
Şengül stated that when the distribution of the expenditures made between the EGE-RAY Project Aliağa-Cumaovası is analyzed, the total expenditure of $ 2.317.200.000 was made by TCDD, and the share of TCDD was 1.790.200 percent, and the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was 78 percent. Şengül explained the investments made by TCDD as follows:
The Cost of Additional Investments Made by TCDD: 322.200.000
Menemen-Aliağa 26 km. the upper + lower structure of double-track railway, construction of buildings and constructions (92 Million $) (1998-2005)
From Menemen to Cumaovasi bus routes including 2 * 68 km. Road renewal and 250 pieces scissors disposal (78 Million $) (1990-1999)
Signaling, Telecommunication facilities construction (31 Million $) (1998-2006)
Construction of Electrification Plants (20 Million $) (2000-2003)
Kemer-Halkapinar belt line and Çiğli nationalization (9 Million $) (2007-2009)
Construction of Egekent II and Ulukent stations in subway standard (6 Million $)
Çiğli-Şemikler /Bayraklı-Halkapınar shelter construction (4 Million $) (2007-2010)
For the reinforcement of the installed power, Çiğli - Transformer center and 2 neutral zone constructions and telecomat adaptations ($ 8,3 million) (2011)
Cumaovası - Torbalı II. Line construction ($ 28,8M) (2012)
Cumaovası - Installation of Torbali Signaling and Telecommunication System ($ 34,5 million) (2012)
Cumaovası - Installation of Torbali Electrification System (9,3 Million $) (2012)
Construction of 2 pedestrian underpasses between Kemer - Gaziemir and 1 between Çiğli and Menemen ($ 1,3 million) (2010-2011)

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