The cardinal columns of the Adana Metro are full-fledged with lush green

The ivy plants that wrap around the carrier columns of the "Light Rail Metro System", which was completed in Adana and started operating in 2009, create postcard images.
Although the construction of the "Light Rail Metro System", which was started in 1998 to relieve the traffic in Adana and was completed in a long period of 11 years, is not preferred by the people of Adana due to the wrong route, the stops are very close to each other and the slow speed operation, the flowering works around the metro bridges are eye-catching. it causes her to turn into beauty.
The vines that begin to blossom in the spring cover the columns with a green cover in a short time. The remaining carrier columns until the end of the sowing, create a long-lasting image by passers-by.

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