Entering the EU with High Speed ​​Train and MQ

Tragicomic, but a fact; We are in the deception of entering the EU with için high-speed train AB and men gravel AB. Prime Minister, Istanbul's metro opening; "10. Year March; 'duck with iron nets'. What did you think? I'm not in the first place.

Therefore; Yılda Last 10 year; From the beginning of the homeland four; Did we or did the railways eg the motorway? "Question, the second part of 'The History of railways in the world and Turkey' and 'double road technique' and I will continue to respond.
In the preface of the book about the First Five-Year Development Plan of the planned development process (1963…), the following sentences of Mr. İsmet İnönü were included: “It is possible to realize and guarantee human rights and freedoms, national solidarity, social justice, peace and welfare of the individual and society. The Turkish Nation, which has definitely chosen a Democratic order to establish; Putting an end to the experience of arbitrary and unplanned behavior in economic and social life, which is clearly expressed in our Constitution, to increase national savings, to direct investments with the priorities required for the benefit of society, in accordance with the desire and determination to regulate in accordance with the aim of providing justice, full working principle and a living level worthy of human honor and to achieve economic, social and cultural development through democratic means. It initiated the First Five-Year Development Plan.

Mr. İnönü's; Basically the 49 year has passed since its discourse aiming at planned investments based on the principle of Community Benefit. In this process, the most recently prepared Bu 8. Until the Five-Year Development Plan; We observe that there is nothing to change in the name of planned investment that will keep the democratic order and the public interest at the forefront, it is just a changed Constitution (the 1960 Constitution) and everything counts in place.

However, since 49 year since today, public benefit will be highlighted. Railway transportation X arbitrary and unplanned Fakat; In the planned period, transportation policies were the least choice. I am in the transportation policy of railway transportation; ard Democratic mass organizations ler, which are not included in the decision-making processes of national issues; general politics and central structure.
Let us take a short look at the history of the Railway in Anatolia before we mention the planned period of Railway policies:

Iron (mining) industry in the world emerged in Anatolia in 3000 BC. Although Europe recognized the Iron Industry exactly 2000 years later, that is, in 1000 BC, it was the first to lay the foundations of the railway, by finding the mine rails in AD 1776 ... Our Anatolia was only 84 years later (27 January 1860) between İzmir and Aydın ( 23 km) recognized the rail system through the Railway built by the British company. Half of the railway lines built until the Republic Period were privileged by the West and half by the Ottoman Empire.

In 1929, 2378 km of which was for foreigners and 2776 km under the privilege of the Young Republic; There were a total of 5154 km of railway. The Young Republic is indeed as in the lines of ".. First of all the world / the chief commander he counts / We knit with Iron Nets / Homeland from all over ..." Under the leadership of Great Atatürk, the Motherland had begun to knit with Iron Nets.

This is the period when the railway is in front of the highway; Until 1953. Although Law No. 29 1953 to 6186 in July "Republic of Turkey; Although the State Railways Administration (TCDD) aims to create forward-looking rail system projects by creating the current state of the state economic enterprise, this new process is almost as follows; It was the beginning of the period when the railway was behind the highway. Because, by the help of the 351.700.000 dollar Marshall (1948-1952), the automotive (assembly) industry was fueled by Adnan Menderes. The US treaties, which started with Marshall, have been run in the 'colonial agreements' function, especially during the Menderes period. This process is also the process in which the US establishes headquarters in the Middle East Oil Platforms. Behind; The US has started to determine the transportation policies in our country in the context of the highway by imposing the Marshall projects and highway projects.
Up to the 1950s were started to be carved with Anatolian highways, which began to be woven with Iron Nets.

Our Railway was running in front of the highway in land transportation between 1923-1953. For example, in the first years of the Republic; 1927 Haydarpaşa-Ankara line to Kayseri, 1930 to Sivas, 1931 to Sivas-Malatya Line, 1935 to Diyarbakır, 1936 to Ankara-Adana Line, 1935 to Haydarpaşa-Ankara Line The same line was extended to Erzincan, Erzurum in 1939, and the Sivas-Malatya Line to Kurtalan in 1944. In 1951, however, Haydarpaşa-Ankara Line could be extended from Erzurum to Horasan… This year was also the period when the government reached out to Marshall aid… Whatever happened was after this period and passed the Highway Railway.

In the 1963-1967 years, it was attempted to change the Qur'an fate of the First Five-Year Plan / Railway which was implemented during the CHP period. But with the policylessness of the Railway; During the Second Five Year Plan (1968-1972); MAK değiştirS (bad) luck of the rail, not the machine can be changed. Because in this plan period, only the 16 of the appropriation allocated in the First Five-Year Plan was spent and the 59 pieces were renewed.

If the sensitivity of the First Plan Period is maintained or at least the principles of the last Plan (8th Five-Year Development Plan) are implemented; If "railway projects" were developed instead of roads based on oil, abstract from engineering discipline, science and environmental awareness, we would not have experienced the disasters of "double road-stone chips" and "high speed train projects" aimed at political rent ...
The authorities continue to be disinterested in this matter.

Last known as the last ruling; On 4.6.2004 in Ankara Train Station "Fast Train" to start while "This step will show you where the race of civilization in Turkey .." saying, in progress; He criticized Atatürk and his era with the following sentences referring to the Railway Projects in the early years of the Republic, as in 18 August 2012; “They talked all the time. They said we were knitted by nets. What else did you cover !? We're knitting. I hope we'll make it even more! İn And after saying that 17 days later; 21 July 2004 day; esinde High Speed ​​Train; which was given by the start of the train in Pamukova district of Sakarya; He showed us where we are in civilization and what we weave. Because; In 1893, the German Wilhem and its Engineers entered the 40 km speed train with the 'Accelerated Train' and caused the lives of our 39 citizens (!?).

This was the bankruptcy of a virtual project in the name of ası Political Rent hazırlanan, project criteria and methods, abstracting from Construction techniques, logic prepared with the logic excluding engineering discipline and science. Same time; It is an indication that the ”Transportation Principles and Policies mad proposed in the Eighth Five-Year Development Plan have never been taken into consideration. Rather; In line with the mi New Railway Policies', instead of expanding the railway network, it is the superficial improvement populism of its present.
Therefore; It is kept alive with yaş Mıcır da on the Duble (Divided) Road, which is maintained by ıy High Speed ​​Train Demir on the railway. In the process of implementation / construction of both projects, accidents are ignored because engineering criteria are not taken into consideration. Especially in the horizontal Kurb and, Dever ini projects known as cornering, there are major accidents due to the failure to comply with the discipline and science of engineering.

I thought I should repeat the case of Dever in more detail than the first part of the article:
Dever; French (Dêvers) is an engineering term. Briefly; 'Due to the centrifugal force, it can be called as the' inclination towards the inner side of the highway and railway bollards in order to prevent the vehicles from being thrown and toppling over. The goal is to facilitate the passage of vehicles and not to cause accidents. For this; a level difference between the two rails is created by raising the outer rail in the 'rail' horizontal curves (Bend), or by lowering the outside rail, to prevent the vehicles to shift outwards and especially from the 'Rail / Road' at high speeds. In the same way, the road at the horizontal dike point, the way from the inside out of the level of the difference created from the level of the rising Dever is called. The amount of elevation is inversely proportional to the radius of the path curve (Kurba) and depends on the average velocity of the vehicles passing in accordance with the coefficient of Dever. Project applications should be treated with caution. Because big accidents can be caused. If you put such 'Railroad' on the Railroad, and on the Roadway, you will open the door of the catastrophes. This is the essence of the 'high-speed train' in Pamukova and the recent 'Crush' accidents that have become widespread. The subject of accidents Engineers are not the mechanics but on behalf of political rent, who lack the engineering technique are the 'speedy' who built the road.

Nowadays, in the ın 8 Five-Year Development Plan ile, Purposes, Principles and Policies are taken into consideration and the daki High Speed ​​Project lar together with the n Duble (Divided) Way UM is going. Especially 'Duble Road' construction ..
It's true-I'm not arguing; I only refer to applications that do not overlap with the engineering discipline.
Double road; It can also be called 'express way'. This is a double-stranded road, with arrivals and departures; It is preferred for sharp bends (Horizontal curves) and large descent (Vertical curd-Kasis) to eliminate road conditions that make driving difficult. If you increase the number of strips, you will make the Highway / Highway class road where the transitions are paid. Western does not say yes to these kinds of road. Generally, it focuses on Railway weighted transportation policies. Salt uses this method to facilitate city exits. France inşaat We, as I have tried to explain above, are trying to weave and carve the country on such roads based on oil anlat Especially with Duble Road constructions.

Today; 'Duble Road' populism is happening iz. The second way and the 'Double Road' are trying to be completed in parallel with the old way with the primitive construction technique away from the discipline of engineering and science. This is in general on behalf of Political Rent; We're doing flats in the plain, for 'hunting flats on the plain.' Konya / Karaman plain etc. places. If you want to witness that there is not enough work in uneven areas; You must watch Silifke-Anamur. You can see the Mediterranean Sea 50-100 from above and you have to give way to the big vehicle in sharp bends. You are observing. Yes, 'Duble Road' on the plain plain, 'Difficult road' on the slopes.

When the driver turns to plain plain with his chemistry in a sharp curvy road on the hillsides, he dives in the Duble road, taking a deep breath, and, on the way, if he has the gravel on the way, he cannot take the breath again.

We complete the double road with a second road parallel to the old road. Moreover, by trying to match the red elevations of the new Platform (Road) with the elevations of the old road. “-Which is not necessary. Because the contractor receives money from the excavation. kazanIt has no function other than to cry-” This is a very undesirable facilitation. The important thing is; Along with Horizontal and Vertical kurba, Dever construction in Horizontal Kurba is to comply with Project criteria. If you are crossing a road with the same red line parallel to the old one, you have to remove the old road and rebuild it with a new one in order to overlap the levels. This also applies to Railways. We saw what we experienced when we unleashed the High Speed ​​​​Train on the Rails, without applying detailed infrastructure technology.

Horizontal-Vertical curves and Dever construction do not accept errors in the railway / highway. The reason is that, relying on the road geometry, when you increase the speed of the vehicle, the vehicle is largely displaced transversely by a small deviation. In addition, 'Satih plated after asphalt' on the gravel and we have the compression of this compression (Compaction) in the case of driving vehicles, we find ourselves in the disaster.

The only way to change this 'Road Map' is to: In accordance with the için First and Eighth Five-Year Development Plan Kalkınma, we have changed our Transportation Policies and for Oil companies; To prevent the knitting / carving of our country on all sides of the highway and to rebuild the homeland for the people from the four.

What is it; Dı 5 Annual Development Plans “has been removed. 5 year 7 year they have. Obviously, they have other plans.
If he plans to eat this country man, I want to remove the idea of ​​eating rice, because the rice will be eating, will eat insan will plummet, the fourth time.

On the way to the ark, think of what you're knitting, what you're knitting and hunting.


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