A new one was added to the train accidents in Karaman, 3 injured

A new one has been added to the train accidents in Karaman. Previously in the same place where a few train accidents occurred on the road in the level of the Coglu village crossing the freight train, crashed into the car.
55 Ua 070 crashed into the car as a result of a train crash. 3 was referred to a large number of ambulances instead of the learned accident. The wounded were taken to the hospital by ambulances. Trapped in the vehicle, the driver was barely removed and taken to Karaman State Hospital.
Under the control of Abdi Teksoy (34) 55 Ua 070 car, the road crossing the road passing through the village of Çoğlu collided with the train. In the accident, Hüseyin Demirci (18) Necaattin Demirci (31) was wounded with the driver. It was learned that the condition of the wounded was serious.

Source : I www.demiryolcu.co



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