Another monopoly ends

The LAST 30 was the top priority of the governments in the year.
Although privatization has been done for so long, the number of areas where the state is monopoly is quite high.
One of the largest is State Railways (TCDD).
To tell with the humorous words of TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, the preparation of the legal regulation that will start the "special train era such as private plane, authority car" has been completed.
If there is no setback, this period is the decision to open the railway to the private sector.
However, applying the same system once Turkey with the West, let us leave this system in the state is a monopoly for decades been.
Because of the private sector in the business, the high-speed train, the new rail system and comfortable wagons have taken the course.
It even produced a special train line; who has entered the race who offers better service.
In fact, Turkey is far from out of this.
It is also possible to have a similar situation on the railroad, as the competition with the monopoly abolition has provided the development.
Turkey's chance to have knowledge in this field, locomotive, railroad, rail and scissors have been come a long way in the production of software.
Therefore, still standing in front of a chance for Turkey to attack the rest of the rail industry in the production of aircraft.
State monopoly not only obstructing industry in the country, which will also put the brakes on Turkey to come from the West.
The best example of this is sohbetDuring our visit, General Manager Karaman spoke.
The train of Europe's private railway company came to the Turkish border in the recent past and wanted to pass 30 kilometers from here and continue on its way.
The “Forbidden fellow countryman” situation has arisen as the laws prohibit locomotives from entering the border and only allow wagons to pass.
At this stage, Karaman asked a rightful question:
“Europe is in competition within itself… Its trains compete with each other saying 'We offer better service'. This train of the private sector, why would he come to Turkey can not enter? "
For a long time, they have made efforts to overcome them.
This is us that draws attention sohbetWhen we were doing the job, we had former General Manager Birkan Erdal with us.
Turkey's railway transportation from Erdal said that was enough for us to know where to come:
“The President, the Prime Minister and the Minister worked together, but failed to cast the 12-meter rail. However, today it builds the heavier 72-meter rail with high-speed train switches. It is among the top 10 in the world in this field and is about to produce the wheel. "
The opening of the railway to the private sector to achieve something in Turkey, is not enough to produce a special train.
As Karaman emphasized, "It should open the lines that it can go down from Iraq, cross the Armenian border, reach Pakistan and provide access to Asia and Africa".
"The first who wins" Turkey does not step in this sector that the rule does not apply if the situation remained beyond the train tomorrow will go behind the gape flowing north.

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