Haydarpaşa Port Project Status What?

Haydarpaşa Station, whose roof was burned down during the isolation works two years ago, is on the agenda this time with its transfer to the Privatization Administration… Because the State Railways sent a letter to the Administration regarding the transfer of the 1 million square meter area where the historical station is located… NGOs and unions react to the situation…
"If one day it turns into a commercial place, the date will hold those who made this decision accountable."
Is Haydarpaşa Train Station date? Has the first step been taken for the Haydarpaşa Port project, which civil society organizations and architects have opposed for years?
"They want to isolate what we say one by one turns out to be rant if it's a rent"
The discussions that started after the fire that broke out during the roof insulation works two years ago, flared up once the Haydarpaşa Station was transferred to the Privatization Administration.
“In the article, it says that the area connected to railways is used in a rent-generating way.
When the privatization administration tells me to give these buildings to me, the liquidation of this place will be started. "
In the letter sent by the State Railways Board of Directors to the Privatization Administration, it is written that the historical station, registered as a protected area, transferred the 1 million square meter area in which it is located "for an income generating project". Well what does it mean?
“Even though this axis has been declared a protected area, those who can do without permission from the conservation board of natural and cultural assets have such an authority according to the privatization administration law.
If the privatization administration will make a new plan, the lawsuits we have filed will be dropped and we can no longer open a new lawsuit. "
Another concern about the historical station is the allegations that the suburban flights of Pendik Haydarpaşa will be canceled at the station where the main line services were canceled about a year ago.
"It is not clear when it will be closed, but it will be closed.
Leave these roads on the railways. Pull your hand.

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