What happened to the rail systems test center?

The eyes of the public in Eskişehir have been translated into Anadolu University because of the preparatory class students. When the eyes are ready for university, let's ask the Rector Aydın; Ler What happened to the rail systems test center? “
As it is recalled, the budget required for the construction of the university will be provided from the budget of the University of Anatolia 100 million euros last year from the university budget (about 241 million pounds) was reserved, the subject was submitted to the DPT for approval. It was clear that the center, which the SPO called kesin doable DP, was made to Alpu. The statements were shared with the public that the project was planned to be completed in a short time and ready for the tender until the summer.
The test center, which is critical for the Eskişehir economy and industry, was projected by the rail system cluster and was undertaken by Anadolu University. In the center, which is shown as one of the best examples of university-industry cooperation, the test process will be realized together with the production of high-speed train, locomotive, tramway and other rail system vehicles to be produced by TÜLOMSAŞ and the subsidiary industry to be established within the organized industry.
Now I am asking clearly to the Rector Aydın;
1. Does the test center construction work in accordance with the schedule planned?
2. What is the level of work done for this project, which is dealt with within the centers of excellence?
3. Is the project ready for the tender based on the explanations made?
4. Has the tender for the center been opened? If so, how many companies applied?
5. If the tender is not opened why not open?
6. Rector Did Aydın know that Hacettepe and Karabük Universities developed projects for rail systems test center?
Hacettepe pushing
Only at Hacettepe University also pushing for central great importance for Turkey not to Eskisehir economy. Hacettepe Teknokent AŞ Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. The Murat Karas, said in a statement last month, "We will be testing of all rail vehicles produced or brought to our country are working to create a center in Turkey. This center will be able to serve not only our country but also neighboring countries. Our work on this continues, ”he said.
Similarly, Karabük University started to prepare for the test center jointly with KARDEMİR and the issue was reflected on the national agenda.
The Ministry wants a lot
The test center is a state project. The Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, which is a very desirable project, should be considered a lost time for Eskişehir.
Rector Aydın should be able to show a clear attitude towards the center as well as the hard-to-understand attitude he takes towards preparatory students. Now, Eskisehir does not even have a minute to wait. Anadolu University must inform the public about the works on this subject.
Because if the test center also escapes, Eskişehir never forgets this.

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