TÜVASAŞ did not forget Veterans Day on September 19, 2012

TÜVASAŞ 19 was equipped with Turkish flags on the occasion of 'Veterans Day Türk in September 2012.
On the one hand, TÜVASAŞ, which participated in the world's largest international railway fair "Inno Trans - Berlin 18", held in Berlin, Germany between 21-2012 September 2012, with a special delegation, continues its busy schedule at the factory. Having not forgotten 'Veterans Day' on September 19, 2012, TÜVASAŞ decorated its factory buildings with Turkish Flags. The factory management, which made it possible for the officers and workers who came to work in the morning to remember and realize this special day, moved all of its personnel.
General Director of TÜVASAŞ, İbrahim Ertiryaki, made a statement on 'Veterans Day'. Un Every blood of our homeland, with blood, primarily our martyrs, and then the spirits of our veterans. We owe this country, which we live peacefully and confidently to today, first to Allah, then to martyrs and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. For all Turkish citizens living on this land, we have aimed to do our best. Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation on behalf of, the wish to be paradise and all the martyrs of our local veterans gained the Hak'k's mercy; Veterans' Day is celebrating our veterans who are alive.

Source : I medyaerenler.co

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