Think before you leave TCDD!

You're getting a new job. You're going through training. After a while you become a professional manager or ordinary employee. And you get an offer you don't expect. A new job offer .. So you can easily walk away?
We do not know if there is something like this in old applications. Or if another institution made such an attempt, we don't know it either. All we know is TCDD's announcement for recruitment and compensation to be paid if the hired person leaves.
State Railways keep the business tight. In the event that the employee status of employees in any public institution to pay compensation will be accepted in advance.
Here is the compensation condition in the announcement of TCDD
Candidates who are appointed and started to work, 7 4857 25 in the year of the labor law according to the second paragraph of Article II or by their own request, during the training, course and internship programs on the fees and professions given by the employer of the day of training, courses and internship programs will pay compensation to our Corporation for the amount of ½ of the cost to be calculated according to the applicable conditions.

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Günceleme: 25/11/2018 14:09

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