A mortar fired by Syria hit the TCDD train

Urfa Akcakale Train station standing in the freight car was hit by a mortar fired by Syria. Great damage to the car. The station has been evacuated.
Clashes on the border of Akçakale District of Şanlıurfa continue. A mortar thrown 12 kilometers from Akçakale hit a car belonging to TCDD at Akçakale Train Station. The shrapnel pieces of the bomb pierced the iron when the wagon was 5 centimeters thick. Police take security measures in the area.
According to a report Serkan Ocak from Radikal, one of the bombs thrown around 12.30 this afternoon to Tel Abyad district it fell by the Syrian army on the border with Turkey. He hit the waiting wagon at Akçakale Train Station. The mortar caused puncture of the wagon about 5 centimeters thick. The bomb, which fell about 20 meters from the houses on the Akçakale border, also caused panic. While the police station was closed to traffic, no citizens were taken to the station area. Bomb sounds are still heard in Akçakale. People continue to wait in uneasiness.
Event witnesses Akçakaleli Ahmet Nalbant, the bomb was dropped during the incident, the bomb made a very strong sound, said: akal We ran away from fear. There is no peace in our homes. We don't know what to do. Ne

Source : haber.sol.org.t is




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