Cengiz, Governor of Sinop, Visits Quran Citizen to Reach Home

Sinop Governor Ahmet Cengiz, Sinop 25 years ago, built a high area of ​​their homes for walking difficulties to reach their homes, working on the electrified 30 meter rail system visited Demirkol couple.
Governor Cengiz, who visited the 78-year-old Asım and Yıldız (70) Demirkol couple living in the Karadeniz District, in their home sohbet and got information about the rail system.
Cengiz congratulated Asım Demirkol for his intelligence and said, “Sinop people are very intelligent people. Here is the example of us live here, ”he said.
Cengiz said that he was very curious when he saw this device in the press last week and wanted to see and examine it on the spot. I think maybe it can be expanded if it can be made safer in public areas. The Black Sea is a region with very difficult terrain conditions. As we all know, it is a practical tool for easy access to unreachable places or transporting heavy loads. We need to celebrate both the master who makes it and Asım Bey who thinks and designs it..

Source : www.haberciniz.biz

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