Prime Minister Erdogan Ak Party Extended Provincial Chairperson Meeting on the subject of metro

Prime Minister Erdogan held in Ankara, the AK Party extended provincial chairmen discussed the issue of the metro.
This summer, the maintenance of the second bridge and the Golden Horn, the apocalypse broke. If we did this maintenance in winter or when schools were opened. They are also against the construction of these bridges in this country. However, communication networks can remain under the influence of our people in a very instant moment. We look at the newspapers we opened the crossroads yesterday. Thank you. Give me a headline like this, what will happen?
We placed THY in 10th place among the top 7 in the world. What did you do. What did you knit with iron nets? How many kilometers of rail systems did you build during your rule. It makes light subway construction together with our Ministry of Transport. Does the cost of the subway cost the subway subway one? We are making a line under the sea in Marmaray. Did you do such a job Kılıçdaroğlu? We Kadıköy We also made a metro between Kartal.

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