new border gates between Turkey and Georgia will be operational

According to the protocol signed between the Georgian authorities to put into operation new border crossings with Turkey to improve trade relations of both countries. According to the memorandum of understanding signed, efforts were started to open the Iron Silk Road Border Gate, where the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project will pass. In addition to this border gate, two new border gates are planned to be opened in Ardahan and Artvin.
The agreement to facilitate the construction of the railway tunnel on the Kars-Ahilkelek part of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars new railway line was signed between the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade Ziya Altunyaldız and Georgia Deputy Minister of Finance Jambul Ebaneoıdze. Giving information about the subject before the signing ceremony, Ziya Altunyaldız said that they signed a memorandum of understanding that would make a significant contribution to the implementation of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project. Altunyaldız stated that the new border gate will be opened in order to facilitate the construction of the railway between the two countries and to allow the passage of tools and equipment, and that the name of the border gate will be 'Iron Silk Road'. Of border crossings, railway project, which would continue to operate after the implementation Altunyaldiz, "the agreement we signed, the two countries border located in the railway tunnel to the Turkish company that has undertaken the construction, two-way as necessary items for execution by the tunnel construction both Turkey and Georgia, tools, equipment and personnel assistance. We will ensure that the company passes raspberries through simplified operations and with ease. In this context, we will go to a practice that does not have much examples in our country, and we will open a temporary border gate and assign personnel to carry out the works for this construction only in the border stone area 162. We call the border gate the name 'Iron Silk Road'. ” he spoke.
The need for new border gates between Turkey and Georgia transfer Altunyaldiz, "Currently, we 2 active land borders with Georgia, including the steep and Türkgözü are available. The Georgian gate with the highest number of passengers is Sarc border crossing with 96. The Georgian gate with the highest freight transportation is the Sarp border gate with 94. Our Steep Land Border Gate is also a door where pedestrians are allowed to cross border. Another important feature of this door was the protocol signed last year and it was made possible for the citizens of the two countries to use ID instead of passport in their travels until 90. Due to these features, I believe that the density of our Sarp land border will increase every year and we are working on a series of measures. In this context, we have started a passenger hall and pedestrian road construction at our door, and this month we have completed this construction and we are increasing the capacity of our door by appointing more passport police. Yolcu
Altunyaldiz announced that a new border crossing will be put into operation in Çıldır district of Ardahan. Georgia has completed its door on its side and we prepared our own project in accordance with the Georgian gate project and authorized TOBB GTİ A.Ş. This door is the groundbreaking ceremony with the participation of our Georgian friends until the end of this year and we are planning to put into service as soon as possible.
Aytunyaldız stated that a joint work was carried out to open an additional new door in the town of Borçka in Artvin, in the province of Artvin and said: We aim to address some of the passenger traffic in our Sarp door and contribute to the tourism potential of the region. As I mentioned before, Georgia is one of our important project partners. In this context, we have completed legal works by signing related agreements and protocols in the joint use project of land border gates and now our technical works are continued. Georgia will be the first country to use common border gates.

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