A product manufactured in Germany will reach China by 23 per day

The German Development Assistance Institute held an important meeting last month in Bonn. We could not pass this important meeting due to the intensive agenda and the 10 daily mandatory writing break. German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to China led us to examine some of the views at this meeting.
First, let's talk about Merkel's landing in Beijing.
According to German press, Merkel's W very successful and profitable M visit to China, which was run by Siemens, Airbus, BMW, Wolkwagen and executives of giant companies, was a Alman very successful and profitable Alman.
Beijing-Berlin relationship will become even more profitable in the coming period. Rüdiger Grube, Director of the German Railways, says that a product produced in Germany will soon reach China by rail on 23 days. Under normal circumstances, a cargo ship arrives from Germany to China in the 46 day.
In the meantime, we should state; China's ek modern silk road l from Beijing to London is moving faster than predictions. This route is located in a growing number of railway line in Turkey, China directly related to this project!
Let us come to this important meeting in Bonn Gel
According to the general assumption in the world, the period in which the United States was the only pole was very short and the world is now moving towards the very polarity (we will call it 'center' because it is a more accurate statement).
According to the speakers at the Bonn meeting, the actors in the multi-centric world are: US, EU and BRICS countries, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, described as ler new styling forces Bonn. Besides these countries, increasing the weight as a regional power Turkey, Indonesia and Mexico's.
The German economist Helmut Reisen, who spoke at the meeting in Bonn, thinks differently. Helmut Reisen, Director of Research Center for the Development Center of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development at the same time, says, en We are heading towards a two-centered world again Ekonomik and sees the two centers of the future as US and China.
According to Reisen, kıyas new styling forces en are not is central,, but only merkezli big countries on the brink of development. ”According to the other speakers, these countries, which are the actors of the multi-centered world, are not in comparison to China, according to Reisen.
However, Reisen sees these countries as forces that are changing the world order because of their düzen economic success and their independent attitude from the political and economic demands of the US Ancak.
According to Helmut Reisen, the most important factor that unites these new forces is e the position they form against the US and the West. Hel
It is important for Reisen to point out, in fact, that a two-centered world has emerged instead of multi-centricity. For us, the main parties are the US and China.
Yet another remarkable aspect of Resien's assertion is that this two-centered world is the job of the United States. Y Helmut Reisen states that “the US prefers the two-centered order rather than losing power in a multi-centered world and doing its best in this way Ancak.
This is a different opinion that needs to be discussed. For the time being, let's get involved in this discussion with these three questions: Will the US lose less power against China, arguing that y it will lose power in a multi-centered world Şimd? Isn't it a much stronger Chinese, rather than a multi-center, that China is facing the United States as the only center? Isn't a stronger China a bigger threat to the US?

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