High Speed ​​Trains between Ankara - Eskişehir - Ankara and Their Hours

Ankara K: 06.45-Eskişehir V: 08.15 (Sincan K: 07.09 No poled position)
Ankara K: 08.00-Eskişehir V: 09.30 (Sincan K: 08.24 Polatlı K: 08.41)
Ankara K: 09.00-Eskisehir V: 10.30 (No Sincan-Polatlı stance)
Ankara K: 11.00-Eskişehir V: 12.30 (Sincan K: 11.24 Polatlı K: 11.41)
Ankara K: 12.30-Eskişehir V: 14.00 (Sincan K: 12.54 No poled position)
Ankara K: 15.00-Eskişehir V: 16.30 (Sincan K: 15.24 Polatlı K: 15.41)
Ankara K: 16.00-Eskişehir V: 17.30 (Sincan K: 16.24 No poled position)
Ankara K: 18.00-Eskişehir V: 19.30 (Sincan K: 18.24 No poled position)
Ankara K: 19.00-Eskişehir V: 20.30 (Sincan K: 19.24 Polatlı K: 19.41)
Ankara K: 21.00-Eskişehir V: 22.30 (Sincan K: 21.24 No poled position)
Eskişehir K: 06.45-Ankara V: 08.15 (Polatlı no post Xinjiang V: 07.51)
Eskisehir K: 08.00-Ankara V: 09.30 (Polatli V: 08.45 Sincan V: 09.06)
Eskisehir K: 09.00-Ankara V: 10.30 (Polatli V: 09.48 No Xinjiang stance)
Eskisehir K: 11.15-Ankara V: 12.45 (Polatli V: 12.00 Sincan V: 12.21)
Eskişehir K: 12.45-Ankara V: 14.15 (Polatlı no post Xinjiang V: 13.51)
Eskisehir K: 15.00-Ankara V: 16.30 (Polatli V: 15.45 Sincan V: 16.06)
Eskişehir K: 16.00-Ankara V: 17.30 (Polatlı no post Xinjiang V: 17.06)
Eskişehir K: 18.00-Ankara V: 19.30 (Polatlı no post Xinjiang V: 19.06)
Eskisehir K: 19.00-Ankara V: 20.30 (Polatli V: 19.45 Sincan V: 20.06)
Eskişehir K.21.00-Ankara V: 22.30 (Polatlı no stance Sincan V: 22.06)
DISTANCE: 245 km
VAGON TYPES IN THIS TRAINS: Busines Class, Economy Class, Cafeteria

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