AK Party Kayseri Provincial Directorate, AK Party 4. Rented a special train for the Ordinary Grand Congress

AK Party Kayseri Provincial Directorate, 30 In September, the AK Party will be held in Ankara 4. He rented a special train for the members of the organization who will attend the Ordinary Grand Congress.
AK Party Kayseri Provincial Chairman Omer Dengiz, Kayseri Railway Station, the State Railways, the railway is leased by investigations, made statements to members of the press here. 30 Dengiz reminded that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be elected as president for the last time on September Sunday. Başkan This congress is very important for both our party and our country. For this reason, we received intensive demand from our organization's members in Kayseri to participate in the congress. We will have the opportunity to show that we are with Mr. General President. Instead of going to Ankara with separate buses, the idea of ​​renting a private train was born. As a result of our meeting with the General Directorate of State Railways, we rented the 700 personality train for 18 thousand TL. Thus, we had the opportunity to go in bulk and preferred a safer means of transportation. We're going to take Ankara out with a train. On this occasion, we are trying to attract attention to railway transportation. Bu
Dengiz, 700 on Saturday evening by train; approximately one day before the 300 people will go to Ankara with other means of transportation, so that over a thousand people from Kayseri will have the opportunity to see the great congress in place, he said.
Edi Our country is on the eve of a new transformation and transformation, ve said Dengiz.
Için In our congress the showcase of our party will be renewed and a new process will start for our country. We hope that the new era that we entered with the motto. Great Nation, Great Power, Target 2023 UM will bring no good for our country and our world. So we believe that Turkey will continue to sail to the bright future. We hope that our congress will be beneficial already. Kong

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