51 native fight on rail system

OSTİM Rail Transport Cluster had 51 percent offset accepted in Ankara Metro. This step was a very important success for the industry. It is time to apply this approach to other tenders. The sector started a struggle for the correction of the tenders of Samsun and Konya municipalities, which did not take into account the 51 percent threshold and allegedly 'delivered to the address'.
OSTİM Rail Transport Systems Cluster decided not to step back from the 51 percent domestic contribution requirement set out in the Ankara Metro.
At the meeting held in Ankara OSTİM under the direction of Dünya Newspaper Author Rüştü Bozkurt, industrialists said, “51 percent is an important step and a definite threshold. There is no excuse for those who go beyond this. Turkey is able to produce these vehicles, "he said.
In the meeting, which recorded that 70 percent of the Turkish industry can easily do it, and that it can catch 100 percent in a few years; industrialists touched on bureaucratic obstacles and asked for specifications to be prepared in consultation with companies.
not this system of government policy, while pointing that there should be a government policy, the vehicles must be at least 70 per cent local content was recorded and will occur in the world where nearly $ 2 trillion market from Turkey's share should receive specified.
Sector, the 51 threshold, ignoring the Samsun and Konya municipalities have initiated a struggle for the correction of tenders.
OSTİM President Orhan Aydın, who explained that 51 percent of the local condition was brought in the Ankara subway tender as a result of the works carried out by the Anatolian Rail Vehicle Cluster, said, “We care about 51 percent. It was a breaking point. No one can then write anything to the tender specifications of less than 51 percent on the rail vehicle. Not 51 percent, in Turkey we can do it all on our ability to have. After that, we need to integrate these systems, design it, find pioneer companies, pilot companies and cluster and work around it. ”
Stating that the domestic contribution rate in the sector is very low, OSTİM Foundation Board Member and OSTİM National Technical Projects Coordinator Sedat Çelikdoğan said, “This should be seen as a chance to improve our domestic industry”.
Celikdogan said that 51 requirement should be sought in the following tenders; Bozankaya, Durmazlar and exemplified RTE. “Brands that are not in the automotive industry exist in this industry. There are no foreign investors to enter the sector later. Turkey must evaluate the best of this opportunity, "he said.
Çelikdoğan said that national brands, which will increase their contribution rate to 1 percent in 5 to 80 years, are ready. "These companies should be cooperated and special incentives should be given."
Stating that they took a step with 51 percent but this was not enough, Çelikdoğan stated that accordingly, the legislation of the Public Procurement Authority should be changed. Çelikdoğan, who wants to create a state policy in this direction, stated that support should be given to highlight producers and said, “We need to make our companies international, not national. Supports should be aimed at opening up to the international market, not the country market. ”
Çelikdoğan underlined that R & D supports should be project-oriented and that they should give incentives when they invest in companies. He also stated that R & D support given to the projects taken by the companies should be at minimum 75.
Çankaya University Rector Ziya Burhanettin Güvenç stated that they have been carrying out cluster studies for 6 years together with OSTİM.
Stating that bureaucrats are blocking the sector, Anadolu Rail Systems Cluster and RAYDER Secretary General Ahmet Gök said, “What fights were made for 51 percent. I believe that our industry can make 60-70 percent of these vehicles and 100 percent over time. ”
Not only the domestic market to foreign markets also need to focus on the heavens that said, "rail systems in Turkey have 15-20 years. A foreign company which produces rail vehicle in Turkey, there is no authority. Currently there are 400 metro cars in Istanbul. This will be 15 in 3 years. Turkey's 500 thousand 15 metro vehicles will be needed in 5 years. Because there is no other alternative to traffic ”, he emphasized the need to support companies.
Stating that the test center should be established, Gök said, “A study was initiated with the support of RAYDER within Anadolu University. 250 million lira budget was allocated to this project. We will work closely as a cluster. We will try to get the certification and document approvals we need from here. ”
Noting that a certain strategy should be determined in the tenders, Gök reminded that the 51 percent requirement was brought in the Ankara subway, “But Konya Municipality says that I will buy 60 vehicles and 100 percent will be from the outside. Samsun Municipality says I will buy 5 vehicles. We cannot allow such a thing. He is bidding according to Samsun Tesa company and Konya according to Skoda. He described their standard. DurmazlarThey are not asking, "What can I do?" This job is too important to be left to the mayors or engineers' initiatives. ”
Stating that a financing model should be created in order to meet the needs of the municipalities, Gök said, “Municipalities have funds from Iller Bank. A pool can be created there. If the municipalities are going to buy vehicles, the bulk order can be placed by showing the money here. ”
also states that 33 different kinds of metro and tram in Turkey Sky, "There are over 70 types of instruments 13-14 kilometer line. Each of them requires separate spare parts, separate training. Each separate charges, "he said need to determine the standard tools in Turkey.
2 trillion from TURKEY MARKET SHARE BUY-up
Chairman of the Association of Rail Transport Systems and Industrialists (RAYDER), who stated that the 51 requirement is a strictly indispensable limit. Durmazlar The Rail Project Coordinator Taha Aydin said that Turkey should determine its place in this sector.
Turkey's 20-year projections in the 5 thousand 500 vehicles Aydin, indicating that the need to declare their economic value is around $ 45 billion. Aydın said, “There is a market of about 2 trillion dollars in the world. Turkey share why you take it? " said.
According to the news of Özüm Örs from Dünya Newspaper; With Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Durmazlar The machine produced in cooperation with Turkey's first indigenous tram Silkworm, will be released this year on the rails. Designed by inspiring Bursa's Silk Road as the starting point, a production certificate will be obtained after international tests in November. Thus, the silkworm will be the first domestic vehicle to be approved. between railway systems manufacturer in Turkey Bozankaya, Durmazlar, RTE Istanbul and Railtur.

Source: ntvmsnbc

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