50 Personality Civil Engineers Group Visits Project

The Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers organized a technical trip to Marmaray, which will connect the Asian and European continents with the world's deepest immersed tube tunnel under the sea. During the tour, which was attended by a group of 50 civil engineers, the engineers had the opportunity to see the construction of the project of the century closely.
The authorities who gave information about the project to the civil engineers participating in the trip, Gebze-Halkalı He explained the features of the Marmaray project, which will be approximately 76 kilometers long. Project, main structures and systems, immersed tube tunnel, drilling tunnels, open-close tunnels, level structures, 3 new underground station, 36 aboveground station, operating control center, pitches, workshops, maintenance facilities, a new third line to be built on the ground The improvement of existing lines, including new electric and mechanical systems, and modern rail vehicles, which will be supplied, consist of four parts. 13,6 kilometers of the underground part of the route, immersed tunnel length is one of the world's deepest immersed tunnel with a thousand 387 meters, officials noted that the project will carry 75 thousand passengers in one direction per hour.
Necati Şahin, Head of Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, said that the Marmaray project is a project that will significantly ease Istanbul transportation. Şahin said: “Marmaray is a worldwide railway transportation project, as can be understood from the numbers, it is now understood that the existing traffic problems cannot be solved by road transportation alone. In this respect, we care about the development and implementation of alternative systems such as Marmaray. With the completion of Marmaray and the integration of the project with the high-speed train line, the Anatolian Side and Marmara Region will become much more attractive. Apart from that, with this project, it should be expected that the share of the rail system in public transportation in Istanbul will increase by 10 percent and there will be a serious and positive revision in the whole system. "
A serious engineering success of the Marmaray construction that stated that Şahin, the two continents will connect the project under the throat of a depth of approximately 60 meters and was built as a earthquake-resistant earthquake, he said.

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