3. bridge priority from each project

The total value of the Prime Ministry will find 4.5 billion liras and 3. 414, which also includes the bridge, has issued a circular for the abolition of bureaucratic obstacles in front of the North Marmara Highway Project and for the acceleration of transactions. According to the circular, the Northern Marmara Motorway Project will be a priority over other projects in which it interacts or can interact. Ictas and Italian Astaldi's Odayeri-Bogazkoy part of the project won 3. The bridge is scheduled to be put into service at the end of 2015. The İçtaş-Astaldi consortium 36 won the tender, which was planned to be held in the month, by giving 10 year 2 month 20 daily production and operating time. As much as Turkey, to be completed within the targeted time also of great importance that the supply projects for Europe 'What should be done if necessary' means a comprehensive circular was published.
Things won't be late.
Prime Ministry Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, published in the Official Gazette yesterday, will be necessary for the expropriation of the appropriations will be made in such a way that the delay of the work will be done in a way that will not be allowed, all of the year will be released in the first 3 months. The zoning plan and its amendments to be made on the project route will be concluded as soon as possible without waiting for the deadlines specified in the law. The zoning plan works to be done on the project route and the production of existing maps that will constitute the basis for these works, determination of the coastal line, preparation and approval of the geological and geotechnical survey reports based on the zoning plan will be completed by the relevant public institutions and organizations as soon as possible.
Infrastructures off route
All the infrastructures on the route will be transported on the North Marmara Motorway, which is one of the biggest projects in the history of the Republic. Accordingly, water, sewage, natural gas and oil pipelines and electricity, communication lines and facilities along the route will be requested by the relevant units of KGM related units, such as permits, approval, acceptance, such as work and operations, will be fulfilled by the relevant institutions. The procedures required for the expropriation, production permit, license and allocation procedures of the quarries, sand-gravel quarries and quarries, which will be necessary for the construction of the project, will be concluded first and foremost by the public institutions and organizations.
The provincial units of the administrative and administrative authorities in the places where the ROUTE has passed, will help in the determination of the owners and addresses of the immovable properties to be expropriated. In cases which can be opened in accordance with Expropriation Law for immovable properties to be expropriated from public institutions and organizations, municipalities and related land registry offices, necessary care will be taken to ensure coordination between the data given to KGM and the data to be submitted to courts according to the same law. During the expropriation work, the cases of the citizens will be finalized.

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