10 thousand kilometer speed train network

Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan, Turkey fabrication of the overall manufacturing technology that saves valuable floor 10 more fully, 'That's why the advanced technology of production is very important for us, "he said.
Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan, the new incentive system to increase the added value of Turkey's stated purpose is to raise the value of production 'average international sales price of tons of industrial production in Turkey as of year 2011 1.027 dollars. So, Turkey 1 1.027 tons of production at international prices in exchange dollar selling price reaches, "he said.
Caglayan said at a press conference on har Sustainable Production Networks in Exportation stratejik and stated that they aim to be one of the top ten economies in the world, and that it is not possible to reach this target without a strategic road map covering medium and long terms.
Caglayan, each of the provinces to be considered separately from the logistics aspect, road, rail, air transport in terms of determination of road maps in the direction of continuing studies, he said.
The Ministry of Transport's power throughout the power of highway, railways, airways and maritime transport has brought attention to the middle of the Çağlayan, said:
'Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line opened in Ankara-Eskişehir. In the period ahead, Eskisehir-Istanbul and Istanbul Bosphorus railway tube crossing will be completed. In addition to the completed Ankara-Konya line, the construction of the Ankara-Sivas high-speed train line continues. As of 2015, the high-speed train network will reach the 3 bin 500 mileage, and as of 2023, the 10 will reach a thousand kilometers. 2003 was invested about 2011 billion dollars between 15 and 2023. 47,5 is planning to invest $ 1 billion in XNUMX.
There is a similar table on highways. 2002 thousand kilometers divided road from 6 to 2002 until 2011 13 500 80 2,5'a 8,5'den until we made a divided road. So, 2002 6 over the year, 74 times more than we did in the year. The 16 had a divided road in our 40 city. Today we have a divided road in our province of 60. Friends were able to complete the 6 of the Black Sea Highway Project, 12 per year. We have completed 16 in XNUMX years. Bolu Tunnel, the full XNUMX government, XNUMX ex-minister, the opening of the event was to help us realize.
Caglayan, 2023'dan 166 a thousand pounds of investment in total 36 thousand kilometers of the road they intend to reach the road by specifying, '2003 in the aviation industry, 36 25 airport was used actively. Today, there is a flight from the entire 46 airport. In 2011 the number of passengers passed 102 million. THY today is Europe's 4. major airline. 2002 2 25 200 7 2023 375 165 6 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX company. XNUMX XNUMX million passengers in the aviation industry that aims to move XNUMX million passenger capacity XNUMX airport aim to provide 'he said.
Caglayan, manufacturing industry, 2011 '250 million tons of' production sales' volume reached, stating, '' This production 15 million 600 thousand thousand vehicles created a traffic volume equivalent. Manufacturing Industry 2011 showed a growth of about 20 million tons in the previous year. In the 2011 this year, the 1 million 100 coincides with a load that can be carried by one thousand heavy vehicles. Among the manufacturing companies, the 50 million-ton input was produced for production. Only for the transportation of these inputs 2 million 940 thousand heavy vehicles were used, '' he said.
Caglayan, thanks to the model they developed no longer exists How much investment and production where in Turkey, how much local input is used for this production, these entries come from which city, what each production kadarlık imported inputs are used, these entries are moving with many trucks, each He noted that the answers to all questions that may be imagined exist, such as how many kilometers a company or sector inputs the remote brings.
Zafer Çağlayan emphasized that each province can measure the logistic advantage in industrial production, export point and said:
'While a heavy vehicle carrying a domestic input moves the inputs to the production site, the average 305 is traveling a kilometer. Imported inputs, which entered Turkey from the border crossing, until you reach the place of production, making the average 119 kilometers of roads. Issuance of industrial goods from the factories where production takes place, until his exit from Turkey border crossing, making the average 236 kilometers of roads. These distances, 'how planning should be done for competitive production in Turkey?' The most basic data we need to answer the question. There are two very important results from this; firstly, in terms of foreign trade, importing for the firm seems logistically easier than export. Second, the average logistic distance in the use of imported inputs is relatively low compared to the domestic input, about one third. In other words, in terms of logistics, imports are more advantageous than domestic inputs.
These two determinations show us that we should evaluate production from this perspective for competitive export. The question we need to ask is: 'How can we make our domestic production more competitive in the face of imports which are highly advantageous in terms of logistics?' We see it when we look at Turkey, companies are trying to get them close to the center of the entries. Here is our goal at this point; while we are spreading the production to Anatolia at the same time, we need to take the inputs of these companies in a closer way so that we can spread the production in a competitive way. '
Caglayan, re-thinking another dimension of production, adding that the added value, said:
'Increasing the added value of our new incentive system, we aim to increase the value of Turkey's production. The average selling price of international tons by the year 2011 1.027 dollar manufacturing industry in Turkey. So, Turkey 1 1.027 tons of production at international prices in exchange for dollars, reaching sales prices. When we look at the provincial level, the value of one ton production in Istanbul is 2 bin 846, 2 bin 764 in Bursa, 1.879 in Kayseri, 1.561 in Izmir, 1.321 in Izmir, 1.170 in Ankara, 1.076 in Balıkesir and XNUMX in Konya. That is why I say that we need to increase the quality and value of production in all our provinces. Even the slightest improvement in the production pattern is of great importance for our provinces.
At this point, it is not possible to not focus on technology. Today, Turkey needs to make the leap in the production of advanced technology. From time to time, we make comments on the fact that the share of high-tech goods in our exports is low and this needs to be increased. Yeah, that's a fact. However, Turkey's share of high-tech production in our exports is low, low share of high-tech products. Turkey's share in the total manufacturing of high-tech goods production by the year 2011 3,3 percent. Undoubtedly, this ratio is very low for a country such as Turkey. '

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