Signature Campaign Launched in Filyos Town of Zonguldak to Stop Train Flights

Citizens showed great interest in the signature campaign launched by Kocaali Headman İrfan Acar in the town of Filyos, in the Çaycuma district of Zonguldak, so that train services do not stop.
The town of Çaycuma Filyos town, trains to get up to start the petition launched by the Mukhtar of Kocaali İrfan Acar, the citizens showed great interest. In the town of Filyos, more than a thousand signatures were collected and volunteered by the volunteers who gathered houses and workplaces. Halil Acar, who supports the signature campaign from citizens, said that the road between Filyos Muslu is dangerous and that the trains are against the lift. Opens; Tedir Zonguldak-Filyos connection road should be done as soon as possible. I want to take the passenger without a crash, then lift the trains. I'm not in favor of the trains in the current situation. Our citizens are in a very difficult situation. I present the authorities to see and examine this way Yet. Supporting the signature campaign Ümit Yalçınkaya, Filyos'te sit and train each day, one of dozens of people going to Zonguldak said. Yalçınkaya, kuruluş I am working in a public institution. Since we don't have a highway alternative, I have to go by train every day. Due to signaling and road renewal work. TCDD decision 31 After July our trains would not work. However, on the news at the last minute, it was said that trains would continue to work until a second order. For the time being, TCDD or the company could not complete the preliminary preparations, the trains will continue to work for now. However, any work can be terminated. Train services can be closed again. When the trains get up, we have almost no alternatives. The highway has dangerous bends, even when there is no way that a vehicle can pass. Considering that the traffic density of road density in the snow will increase in winter, it is very dangerous for people to come and go on these roads. If the highway could have been rehabilitated and maintained, and the railroads had put this project into practice, our problem would be much less. However, as of now, no road works have been carried out. We will experience a great deal of grievance at the moment the train is closed. In winter there will be responsibility for accidents. We are calling from here to the authorities, we ask them to do whatever they can to avoid being victims ere. The initiator of the campaign, Kocaali Mukhtar İrfan Acar stated that the passenger trains were operated in the morning and evening in the Zonguldak line section of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD). Opens; Uz As Filyos Zonguldak is not a safe road, we want to make a decision by taking into consideration the safety of our citizens by evaluating our requests and problems in order to prevent accidents and the safety of our citizens. We do not want to experience these situations, we want to review the decision once again and we want to continue our work in the morning even though the train. Believes that the safety and tranquility of the citizen is above all and the road construction works will last for five years instead of two years. train traffic is less and people will be less victimized, at the river station to continue during this time at least in cooperation with the General Directorate of Highways to make the region more convenient to make the road and in this way, we would like to remove the victim.

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