You didn't see it.

We were embarrassed ülk There was television in every country, we didn't. We had metro in every big city, we didn't.
(We didn't have any ür foreign ad cigarettes and drinks, it was forbidden to have foreign currency, it was forbidden to go abroad more than once. Bedrettin Dalan brought the sea buses and swore at the man)
Improvisation-Kadıköy We could not have imagined a bus called Mecidiyeköy-Bostancı!…
Istanbul subway was the subject of ridicule. Compared with the Paris and London subways, the plans were put together, the ıyla world's shortest subway ılıy was mocked. What they called the Metro was the arası funicular, service during the slope between Karaköy and Tunel. One of the unforgettable smells of my childhood is the smell of mold, local color Çocuk
Today KadıköyEagle Eagle Metro is opening. I looked at the “Istanbul metro plan” published in newspapers like sheets: Red line, blue line, orange line, green line, purple line, black line.
Now we have a subway plan! We're not ashamed now.
From Hadımköy, go to Hacıosman, or Çekmeköy or Kartal.
, What is the benefit of the labor case and the laboring people? UM I'll tell you that for dıngıllarla, from Kartal to Topkapi 55 minutes, you can go to Yeşilköy, the old airport 80 per minute.
(Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu, could you show the locations of these districts on the map?)
Yes some of these lines are, you know… the subway, a part of the Metrobus, a submarine tube gate that has not yet been opened ”But there is the possibility of transferring to public transportation, either, you look at it.
Let me tell you, how to get from Kartal to Yeşilköy in the past: Smoke and oily coal-black trains to Haydarpaşa, from there to Karaköy, from there Topkapı by bus or Sirkeci by bus first and then by train Greenköy station nasıl From there you will take a taxi to the airport '
It takes three or four hours in total.
If you keep that taxi from Kartal, you have a monthly salary, no taximeter or bargaining power. (You will pass from Üsküdar to Sirkeci by ferry).
Today, the mayor of Istanbul, the "muhallebici" he is the man you ridiculed (he is a high-level architect, doctorate), "128 metro networks were able to increase the percentage," he says.
What have you accomplished? Collect money (!) From the left-wing contractors (!)
This man received 53 votes, Kılıçdaroğlu percent who doesn't know the left of Istanbul. 39 X But shameless cheerleaders marketed Kılıçdaroğlu as if he had won. Let's see how many Gursel Tekin will take towards the end of next year and will try to shame him again without embarrassment?
. We have a future dream for Istanbul, “said the Mayor.
What kind of a dream do you have, Gursel Bey?
I will… make sure that my waiter colleagues pay more Bari or something. Bari
Well, here's something…
Oh, don't say me I will take ISKI Aman Aman

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