Yılaz Özdil: What did you do…

The railways were Germans.
The British, the French.
Business language was French.
The profession was closed to the Turks.
In fact, the concessions did not cut the money, the German railway engineer left the altar of Zeus with his feet.
they were milking like cows.
Mustafa Kemal came ...
Railways were nationalized.
It's your nation.
Wagon factory was established.
School established.
The railroad was raised.
Without a penny borrow, they do four
the railway was solid.
Then, they came.
Ankara-Istanbul high speed train ...
The Chinese do it.
The locomotives are from Spain.
Even the rails are from Spain.
Machinists pattern…
It was trained in Germany.
Rails, Italian.
Wagons, Spanish.
Marmaray, Japanese.
Wagons, South Korea.
Ankara subway ...
System, German, Italian.
The wagons are from China.
Istanbul subway ...
System, French, German.
Their wagons are from South Korea.
(Metrobus from the Netherlands.
Water bus from Australia.
Fatih Sultan Mehmet
Bridge's asphalt to the tee
From Trinidad Tobago.
There is a market called metro ...
He's even German!
Anyway, let's not mess it up.
Bursa tram, Spanish.
Balıkesir-Eskişehir, French.
Köseköy - Gebze, Italian.
Gebze-Halkalı, Spanish
Ankara-Sivas, slant-eyed.
Sivas-Erzincan, Italian.
The tests are done in the Czech Republic. Is it good… If the Czech Republic is not available, let's see, Germany is sent to France; locomotives already arrive by ship from South Korea.
From Edirne to Ardahan
fast train to chinese
the table was settled, the Chinese say let's lay stages by stage, our government says to lay it all over; The conductor's whistle is from China.
On the routes ...
The sheep are from Hungary.
The cows are from Uruguay.
We have only one consolation ...
Native oxen looking at the train!



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