YHT will connect all cities to one

Thousands of tourists brought the city… The economy gave life Bin
Fast Train will not only be limited to Konya. It will also reach cities without rail connections de How will this be achieved?
The General Directorate of State Railways has accelerated the work for the transportation of passengers arriving by high-speed train to Konya, including large cities such as Antalya and Mersin. Konya was taken to offer the bus companies. Now, companies are expected to determine routes.
AK Party Konya Deputy Mustafa Kabakçı stated that the General Directorate of State Railways wants to offer the opportunity to go to Alanya, for example, by a citizen who takes a high-speed train from Ankara, and said, “The accessibility of Konya will be further strengthened”.
Kabakçı, said:
“One of our citizens will land in Konya after getting on from Ankara. He will get on his bus waiting at the same time and continue on his way. Transactions work like this. The places considered for this are now Alanya, Side, Karaman. There is also a train connection to Karaman. Therefore, this job is being offered as an additional opportunity to Karaman. These offers are available for all districts of Konya. The decision-makers of this will be bus companies. The profitability of this business is also important. A serious opportunity for Konya. Nowadays Mersin has a demand for Mut's accident. These requests reached us. We shared these requests with the General Director of State Railways. I hope this process will start after the bus companies decide. ”

Source: Konya Hakimiyet



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