Environmental action by CHP MPs against the quarry opened for YHT

6 deputies from Chp came to Sakarya to protest the cement factory, which was started in Sakarya.
6 deputies from Chp protested the quarry to be built next to the water source in the Yanık village of Sapanca district of Sakarya, and the cement factory to be built in Darıçayırı village of Karasu district. First deputies, who went to Yanık village, met with the villagers who reacted to the re-opening of the quarry that was closed 60 years ago. Chp deputies Engin Özkoç, İlhan Cihaner, Haydar Akar, Melda Yener, Kemal Ekinci, Mahmut Tanal, and Chp Myk member Esen Kutluata, Chp Sakarya Province President Ecevit Keleş and parties attended the event, including Chp Sakarya Provincial President Ecevit Keleş.
Welcoming the Chp delegation, Sapanca Yanık Village Headman Sibel Baykal said, “In order to reduce the cost of high-speed train construction, one of the heavenly corners of the Marmara Region is wanted to be destroyed. A clean environment that we leave for our children and grandchildren is natural beauty important or cost? We support the limestone needed for the high speed train from other quarries in the region. Nobody is against the high-speed train, everyone is against the quarry to preserve the natural beauty of Yanık Village. We invite all politicians and all non-governmental organizations to stand against this quarry, which is expected to be opened in Yanık Village 60 years later. ”
Speaking after Baykal's speech, Chp Istanbul Member of Parliament and Tbmm Environmental Commission member Melda Yener; “Both as a party and as an environmental Commission, we go over environmental issues across the country. We see that the works in question are abandoned in places where the people show resistance. Unless you break the unity and solidarity, nobody can do anything here that you do not want. ”
Later, deputies who went to the village of Darıçayırı in the Karasu district, stated that they are against the cement factory to be established here and said, 'We will be with you in your case'.
Speaking at Darıçayırı Village, Chp Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Atak said, “I see the banners opened here. He says I don't want to be cancer, he says I want to live healthy, he says we must resist cancer for health. Our friends actually tried to state the fate that will happen to them on the banners. None of the promises given to you while establishing a factory will be kept here.

Source : I www.haberler.co


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