Yanık Village with its green and blue, or my quarry for the high-speed train?

Yanık Köy's quarry rebellion is heard everywhere! Citizens living in Yanık Village, which is very close to Kocaeli but within the borders of Sapanca, are very, very troubled these days. Because stone quarries are desired to be built in their villages. Yanık, a village of many people living in Kocaeli, a natural wonder, one of the rare places in the region to breathe, ends with the opening of the quarry! This situation makes local residents very worried. Everyone is reacting to what happened in Yanık, a Circassian village densely populated by North Caucasians!
The quarry, which was closed 40 years ago due to its proximity to residential areas, was granted a license again to be used in the construction of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT), which will start in Sapanca. This decision means the end of Yanık. Within the scope of the Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project, which is under construction, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources General Directorate of Mining Affairs gave a new license to the General Directorate of State Railways to open a quarry in 40 hectares in the quarry that was closed 9.92 years ago in Yanık village.
It is said that the stone quarry, which is planned to be opened, will damage Sapanca Lake, which is a drinking water basin, as well as the village. This decision, which was taken quietly, without asking anyone, without consulting the public, draws a great reaction. The people of the village, who have been living peacefully in their villages for years, say that they do not want to breathe poison, they want to breathe. Residents of Yanık Village also held a protest recently and voiced their voices loudly. As will be remembered, a quarry was opened years ago here as well. Citizens of the quarry, which opened 40 years ago, harassed the inhabitants of the village. It was as if the balance of nature was disturbed and everyone had a great trouble. Because of the dynamite-exploded hearth, the windows and frames of their houses were even lowered.
Yanık Village is the most beautiful settlement in the region with its lush nature. Founded in 1864. People tried to protect nature. Those who lived here did not harm nature. These people looked like the eyes of Yanık Village. Now, years later, they were shocked when they learned that they were granted a license for the quarry again. Now here again, if the quarry is opened, the water tanks will not be used. The orchards will be over, agriculture will suffer greatly. Perhaps the most beautiful village of Sapanca will be over! People have been staring here since 1864. And rightly asking; It's a shame, isn't it? Isn't it a sin?
Yanik Village, this Sunday, so 26 will hold a big action on the village square in August. This action, which will start at 14.00, will support non-governmental organizations, politicians and trade unions. Academics will come. The experts will talk. They will tell everyone about the damage of the quarry. This action is expected to be bigger than in Kocaeli. There was even a surprise development. The bazaar is against the quarry in Yanık! Even the famous fans of Beşiktaş will support this action!
On the other hand, we need to know; EIA reports were required before the quarries were opened during the period when they were subject to the Environmental Law. However, a change was made in 2004. After the 8 Mining Law, which was put into force 3213 years ago, with the decision of the Council of State, the quarries started to be opened without the need for an EIA report. Thus, all the nature, including agriculture and pasture areas, natural and cultural areas, forests and water resources, was opened to both mining and quarries. So organized bosses won. Citizen lost again! And he didn't even know he was losing. As usual, he didn't feel anything like a citizen! The stone quarries that are opened lead to a decrease in groundwater, to dry out the trees, to adversely affect the animal husbandry and to deteriorate the health of the people living in the area. But who cares? A people; The stone quarries are due to bellow! Who cares!
In particular, after the 2004 year in which the Mining Law came into force, it was seen that the license was granted to the quarries. According to the TUBITAK report, although quarry operations are supposed to be at least xNUMX for drinking water resources, quarries are installed in many areas even near drinking water basins. No one's stopping this. When the wrong people to ask account to do something can not do anything! Nobody can say anything! Actually; if the lawmakers violate the law; who will judge jurists?
56 of the Constitution. According to the article mek It is the duty of the State to protect the health of the environment and to prevent environmental pollution Mad. However, the state institutions do not commit themselves to the constitution crime with their licenses? A large number of stone quarry is removing the stone using dynamite. The use of dynamite adversely affects human health due to both the noise it produces and the shock it produces and the lime in the dust it produces during the explosion. It causes asthma and cancer diseases to increase. Since lime cannot be removed from nature for a long time, vegetation has a negative impact on soil, ground and surface waters. As the quarries continue their activities in areas very close to the settlements, education and health institutions are under threat. And we don't tell them. We're not writing in our heads. We're not making it up our stomach. Experts say experts!
The permission of the quarry search is given by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources on the map, without the location of the quarry, without examining the surroundings. Therefore, when the licenses are examined, it is seen that the stone quarries were built in the vicinity of the agricultural lands, village settlements, water resources and streams. Many quarries are built on pastures which are very valuable for the villagers. Therefore, agriculture and animal husbandry come to the end point in some regions. Therefore, only the people of agriculture and animal husbandry who are the source of livelihood are left to their fate. Just as; now as in Burn ık
According to the Mining Law, the enterprises that are licensed must bring back the region at the end of the period given to them. But if we say amiyane; Who wears this? Business owners leave the area after the work is done. Because of the destruction of nature, agriculture in that region, the end of animal husbandry does not care about them. They're just looking for the win. They're ruining nature.
Here's a summary of the work; The issue of licensing of quarries should be reevaluated by this government. The government has made a very wrong decision in 2004. He opened the way to the opening of the beautiful quarry. She opened it up so much, love could be done! Of course the bosses were very pleased with this decision! The bosses who are active in the energy sector and earn nice money in the mining area are quite enjoyable! But what about the people of that area? What will be the people who have finished their villages with the law you have issued silently? What are the people you're ruining your living space for? Have you ever thought about that? Relevant articles of the Mining Law should be reviewed. There are 402 households in Yanık village. The population of winter 1.300. In the summer, the 2 passes. But the problem of the quarry in Yanık is not only the problem of the Burnt people. This problem; All is Turkey's problem. Nobody forgets. Everybody write that down. He'il remember it when it happens tomorrow! Because today, Yanik, tomorrow you Yan

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