Foreign investor comes for wagon production and transportation

The countdown has begun for the private sector to perform train operations. The law that will abolish the monopoly of the TCDD is on the agenda at the end of the year.
09 August 2012 Thursday - 09:53
Many companies lined up to buy wagons and locomotives. It is stated that the foreign giants will come for wagon production and transportation. According to the World Newspaper headlines in Turkey rail transport in the 'liberalization' of the law it is expected to come into force towards the end of this year. Many domestic and foreign logistics companies are also making preparations to enter the sector in parallel. Contemplating a part of international freight forwarding companies in Turkey
some of them are preparing to build factories for the production of wagons and locomotives. Deutsche Bahn, one of the giant transport companies in Europe, and Austrian Rail Cargo intend to transport their own locomotives and wagons, while the American The Greenbrier Companies want to build a factory to produce one thousand wagons per year.
Railway Transport Association President Ibrahim Oz, "Liberalization" with claims that they can not imagine coming to the point in Turkey's railways. Self X Public and private sector of the Republic 100. An investment of over $ 1 billion will be realized until 150. With the emergence of the law, passenger transportation will also be developed in parallel with the freight transportation, and the industrialists will be able to produce wagon and locomotive. The price of the wagons will be reduced by one thousand euros to one thousand euros. Foreign exchange will not go out, employment will be created, "he said.

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