Railway construction accelerates in Xinjiang

The investment in railways construction in Xinjiang, which will be further accelerated in 2012, is expected to reach 12 billion 940 million yuan (2 billion 50 million USD).
According to the information given by the Urumqi Railway Directorate, the center of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, four major projects will start this year, including the new train station in Urumqi and the harmonization of the railway between Yining and Horgos, the center of the Province Kazakh Nationality Province, to the electrical system. .
China's “12. During the “Five-Year Development Plan”, the investment in railway construction in Xinjiang reached nearly 120-150 billion yuan ($ 19-23.8 billion), building railroad constructions connecting various regions within Xinjiang, Xinjiang to other parts of China, and neighboring countries. is expected to be accelerated.
By 2015, the length of the railway in Xinjiang is expected to reach 8 kilometers.

Source : turkish.cri.cn

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