Cevizlicitizens of the subway metrobus rebelled

The mass of Metrobus rebelled against Istanbulites. Cevizlicitizens waiting for a long time at the metrobus stop Metrobus, somehow closed the way when the vehicle did not come empty.
The metrobus inflorescence of the Istanbulites is endless. Especially when the metrobus are quite busy at the time of the workout Cevizlicitizens waiting for the stop at the bus stop for a while in the metrobus traffic.
According to the report of the sol, there was a short-term quarrel between the passengers after hundreds of people blocked the road. Due to the road closure to traffic, a very long line of metrobus occurred.
After the long-lasting reactions, the passengers withdrew from the BRT and the road was opened to traffic again.

Source : I www.timeturk.co



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