Very Important Statement About Minibuses by President Kadir Topbaş

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş, the biggest metro investment in the history of the Republic Kadıköy- Stating that the Kartal Metro will open on August 17, the minibuses and minibuses on this line will be made to carry passengers to the main axles.
Topbas KadıköyEagle Metro on Friday, August 17 Kadıköy Expressing that it will be opened with a ceremony to be held in the Square, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will also attend the ceremony.
KadıköyEmphasizing that Kartal Metro is the biggest metro investment in the history of the Republic, Topbaş gave the following information:
“No local government in the world has ever built a subway of this size. Because governments make subways around the world. From this point Kadıköy- Kartal Metro is a first in the world for the municipality. This subway, which we spend 3 billion lira including wagons, rail system and stations, will be the largest metro line in the history of the Republic. Our expectation since its opening; 1 million or close to 1,5 million passengers. Currently, 1 million 370 thousand people are using metro and rail systems in Istanbul. In 2004, the number of passengers using the rail system was around 400 thousand. In 2014, this figure will increase to 4 million 950 thousand people. In 2016, 7 million people will be using rail systems. This means solving the city's transportation problem. People will no longer need to drive individually, people will be able to go wherever they want by choosing the subway. "
Noting that Marmaray will be completed by the end of 2013, Topbaş said that when taking the metro from any point, it can go to Ümraniye, Çekmeköy, Kartal, the airport, Başakşehir and Levent.
“We see 2016 as a period when subways are used more actively and people can use subways instead of using individual vehicles,” said Topbaş.
"Now the cartoonish minibus era will be left behind"
Kadıköy- After the Kartal Metro was opened, Topbaş stated that they had meetings with minibus tradesmen and chambers and formed a joint commission.
Saying “We need minibus tradesmen”, Topbaş said that minibuses and minibuses carry passengers between the neighborhoods and that the municipality does not have such a service.
Topbas stated that the minibuses in the main arteries will be removed, said:
“Minibuses and minibuses still need to come in better quality. We should make minibuses and minibuses of higher quality similar to buses. The minibuses should be qualified, comfortable and air-conditioned so that the citizens will prefer and the disabled can also ride. Now the cartoonish minibus era will be left behind. They accept them themselves. Minibuses will become a system to transport passengers to the main axles. We will also convert some minibuses into buses. Studies are being done. Those who want a minibus will continue as a bus. We propose such a study. " Minibus tradesmen who will continue their activities will not carry many passengers.

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